OlliOlli World Finding the Flow zone DLC Review (PlayStation 5)

For this OlliOlli World Finding The Flow Zone DLC Review we join the fearless Radmospheric Three – Squid, Licht, and Professor Planks – unified to prevent B.B. Hopper the business frog from exploiting the rumored hidden city in the sky. As you traverse these incredible heights, collect map pieces unlocking the path to the legendary lost island built by the skate gods themselves. Courtesy of the tempest skate god Gail Force, ride the new Windzones to perform the gnarliest aerial tricks. Get ready to embark on the raddest quest in OlliOlli World’s final ascending adventure: Finding the Flowzone!

OlliOlli World Finding the Flow zone DLC Review Pros:

  • Six new trophies.
  • The Flow zone is clearly marked on the map.
  • Opening tutorial section.
  • All new wind technique that pushes you around the world.
  • New cutscenes and character interactions.
  • Can skip the cutscenes.
  • The wind allows a greater sense of speed and quickfire turns in a level.
  • The cutscenes are well done and executed.
  • Earn all new gear.
  • Unlock new burly routes.
  • Excellent new locations.
  • Treasure map pieces to find.
  • Completed maps unlock new areas for the explorers.

OlliOlli World Finding the Flow zone DLC Review Cons:

  • Requires a lot more use of them old reflexes.
  • Only six new trophies.
  • Difficulty spikes throughout.
  • They push the treasure maps on you.
  • Replaying levels still brings up all the interactions.

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OlliOlli World Finding the Flow zone DLC.

Official website.

Developer: Private Division 

Publisher: Private Division 

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It’s crazy to think that we haven’t had wind implemented into this game in this way. OlliOlli World has gone from a Skateboarding game into an almost Wipeout OlliOlli experience! It’s super fast now and with this, you have a lot of grinding and air moves going on. With all-new locations and unlocks the game OlliOlli World with all the DLC is now a complete package that offers a lot of everything for everyone but bring your reflexes and stress balls because it won’t be easy but it will be fun.

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