Pikmin 3 Deluxe Review (Nintendo Switch)

Pikmin 3 Deluxe Review

Command a capable crop of tiny creatures and explore a hostile planet in this exciting blend of action and strategy. Seek out valuable items, solve puzzles, and overcome powerful creatures in a richly detailed world full of surprises!


  • Decent graphics.
  • 6.5GB download size.
  • Badges-own in-game achievements.
  • Four modes-Story, Mission, Side stories, and bingo battle.
  • Supports all controllers.
  • Gyro function-on/off.
  • Minimap/radar-fixed or rotates.
  • Basic info-tutorials with text and video.
  • Can skip cutscenes.
  • Some in-game tutorials.
  • The game (levels) are split into days.
  • Can replay days.
  • Handy hints button.
  • Can change settings and controls from the pause menu at any time.
  • Rescue other leaders and swap between them as they have different commands available.
  • Day/night cycle and when night hits any stray Pikmin will be lost.
  • You can split leaders and Pikmin so you can do multiple tasks at once.
  • Unlock new Pikmin with new abilities as you play.
  • Pellets-taken from plants, return them to the onion to grow more Pikmin. Match the Pikmin and pellet color for more.
  • Pikmin will do as commanded and do the task over and over until complete, you can grow more and swap between the different kinds.
  • Throw Pikmin at enemies to knock them out, return them to the onion for bonus Pikmin.
  • Onion-creates a safe area for Pikmin and this is also where you drop pellets, fruits, items and grow/pluck more Pikmin.
  • Stand by your ship for a handy call all Pikmin back to your command.
  • The minimap will rotate with you and show icons, Pikmin, and if anyone is in trouble.
  • Puzzle elements throughout.
  • Gorgeous locations.
  • Full camera controls.
  • You always see your cursor.
  • Saves between each level.
  • Cutesy cutscenes.
  • World map level select.
  • Fruit-find in levels and return to onions so you can turn into food for the crew.
  • Piklopedia-fills in with creatures you have discovered and contains a short bio and video clip of them along with stats like where to find them and how many you have ended.
  • Exploration notes-find these in levels and they give hints, tips, and sometimes explanations.
  • You have one day on a level at a time.
  • Koppad-your PDA with all the knowledge and stats including the overall map.
  • Lock-on button for everything you can interact with or throw Pikmin at which is really handy.
  • Hold down the call button to a bigger radius.
  • Numbers will pop to show how many Pikmin are needed to smash something or to carry fruit and items.

Pikmin 3 Deluxe Review


  • A lot to take in.
  • Takes a long time to get used to the cursor as it’s very twitchy and unpredictable.
  • Slow starter.
  • Feels very hand holdy.
  • Levels take too long for this to be a game that’s safe to play on short commutes.

Pikmin 3 Deluxe Review

  • 9/10
    Graphics - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Sound - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Accessibility - 7/10
  • 9/10
    Length - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Fun Factor - 8/10


This is my first foray into the World of Pikmin in 3D, the previous experience was that 2D 3DS game which was pretty good! Anyway here I am finally, I must say I get why people like the game. It’s full of charm, depth and can be downright satisfying to play. It’s like an RTS game before RTS games were a thing, you build up an army of Pikmin and go out in the level and smash things up, collect fruit and fly off to another planet. In reality, the controls did frustrate me more than they should, the cursor you use for everything Pikmin is so sensitive and imprecise that it made simple tasks like calling people back a right pain in the ass. The game is constantly feeding you with hints and tips that it’s almost like you have a constant guiding angel on your shoulder telling you what to do and where to go, it felt more like I was following orders than having an adventure! Overall though I did enjoy the game, I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought and it has so much going on but allows you to play it how you want and are comfortable with and this helps. Overall Pikmin makes a triumphant return to the Nintendo Switch and conquers many of its doubters with a solid performance.

Jim Smale

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