Rainbow Moon Review (Nintendo Switch OLED)

Rainbow Moon Review, Cursed by his arch-rival, Baldren is warped to Rainbow Moon. And to make things worse, Baldren isn’t only stranded in an unknown place; he has also opened a dimensional gate out of which troops of monsters are crawling, turning this once peaceful planet into a real hell. There’s only one thing for our brave hero to do: He has to seal the gate and warp himself back to his home planet.

Rainbow Moon Review Pros:

  • Bright cheerful graphics.
  • 1.8GB download size.
  • 20 save slots.
  • RPG gameplay.
  • Two difficulties – normal and hard.
  • Four playstyle choices and these determine what items you start with or the adventuresome gives you nothing.
  • Simple menu layout. Easy to read and understand.
  • Turn based combat.
  • Animated and voiced cutscenes.
  • Battles are in the same vein as Final Fantasy and Disgaea. Move and use items, heal, and fight within a set of moves.
  • Huge varied locations from the depths of the jungle to the cold snow-capped mountains. Areas unlock as you progress through the game, You are then free to go back and forth.
  • Tutorial pop ups as you play.
  • Craft weapons and upgrade at the many vendors found throughout the lands.
  • Earn exp and level up to increase your stats.
  • Huge open areas and you can explore freely.
  • Day/night cycle.
  • Team attacks can be unlocked.
  • Earn power tokens to upgrade weapons and add new abilities.
  • Massive game world taking in many terrain types and weather effects.
  • Boss fights plenty.
  • Full stats screen.
  • Bestiary fills in as you fight new monsters and creatures.
  • Optional side quests.
  • Unlock and use battle plans. Battle plans determine where your party lines up in battle.
  • DLC is bought more to be used as shortcuts instead of adding new content.
  • Food mechanic where you need to keep eating otherwise you start losing health.
  • Unlock warp gates to make traversing the land quicker and they act like fast travel points.
  • Random encounters are a choice so you can have as many or as few as you like, Thanks to being able to see the enemies walking about so not random but optional encounters.
  • End of combat breakdown showing exp earned and any found items.
  • Treasure chests can be found around the world for loot.
  • Buy and sell items at the vendors.
  • You have quite an open world so you can go off and do what you want in a way.
  • Isometric view.
  • Friendlies can be interacted with for optional side missions or they might sell something.
  • Fast loading times.
  • You can save and load when you want.

Rainbow Moon Review Cons:

  • No touchscreen support.
  • They got rid of the leaderboard upload system to show off your completion.
  • Unskippable opening cutscene and it goes on for quite a while.
  • The first hour is slow starting.
  • The music is average, bordering on repetitive.
  • A lot of grinding is needed, More so later on.
  • Doesn’t use any Vita unique features like a touchscreen.
  • DLC is shortcut micro transactions.
  • Food mechanic is more of an annoyance than a move forward.
  • The story is a bit cliché and tired in places.
  • Can be hard to navigate the world with no camera control.
  • The map is too small in the menu, and making out icons and navigation is awkward.
  • Parts of the menu, text in particular look a bit smushed up.

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Rainbow Moon:

Official website.

Developer: SideQuest Studios

Publisher: Eastasiasoft

Store Link –


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