Reminder: PlayStation Mobile will cease to distribute content after 15 July 2015

PlayStation Mobile will stop distributing content after 15 July 2015. After 10 September 2015 you’ll no longer be able to make in-app purchases or re-download PlayStation Mobile content you’ve already purchased. The “PlayStation Mobile for Android” application will also no longer be available for download after 10 September 2015.

Don’t worry, you can keep playing all the PlayStation Mobile content you’ve bought already – you just need to activate your devices by 10 September 2015.

Here’s how to activate your devices and keep playing your purchased content:

Simply start up your PSM content on the devices you want to keep playing on by 10 September 2015. Make sure your device is connected to the network.

Activation takes place automatically, and up to three compatible devices can be activated.

Please remember that if you deactivate your device again after 10 September 2015 you won’t be able to play your PSM content. For uninterrupted access to PSM content on PS Certified devices, please only launch PSM content from PlayStation Mobile for Android.

If you want to keep playing on PlayStation Vita, you can also activate your device by performing the steps below by 10 September 2015:

– [Settings] > [PSNSM] > [System Activation] > [PlayStation Mobile] > [Activate]

Jim Smale

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