Review: 100% Orange Juice

Let Marie Poppo lead you into a mysterious world to play! 100% Orange Juice is a goal-oriented boardgame played by Orange_Juice’s all-star cast. The cast including characters from Acceleration of Suguri, Flying Red Barrel: A Diary of Little Aviator, ChristmaShu~, Sora, and QP Shu~ come together with all-new characters to duke it out in 100% Orange Juice.Grab your deck of cards and let the games begin!



  • Anime style, Big bright graphics.
  • Japanese voice over throughout the game.
  • J-Pop music which is both fitting and very good.
  • Board game meets card battler in which players navigate a game board, Collecting cards and battling other players. The winner is the one who either collects x amount of stars or beats x amount of people in battle.
  • Pick your starting deck, New cards collected will be shown here.
  • Every other square on the board does something special. They can teleport you around the board, Give you additional cards, give you a bonus dice roll or trigger a random battle.
  • You can play a card and still have a move.
  • Online/Offline against AI game modes.
  • Choose game speed settings and winning criteria.
  • Online is simple enough to setup, Even if you need to setup ports for your router.
  • Clean fresh minimal user interface, Menus are easy on the eye and big and bright.
  • Whole game is played with a mouse and for this it is a really simple game to learn.
  • Each turn cycle is called a chapter.
  • Fun, fast and extremely easy game to learn.
  • Cards unlocked get stored in a binder that can be viewed within the main screen.
  • Campaign, shop and online modes are available. Campaign is basically a single offline game against AI with a story. Shop is where you will find other buffs and harder to find cards. More stock comes in as you progress through the campaign.
  • Detailed stat screen showing how many games you have played/lost/won, Cards collected. Percentage of collection collected and time played.
  • Boss battle happen in game and unfold by taking over squares which change randomly every turn cycle. Landing on the square will transport you to a huge boss fight.
  • Earn cash in games which is your score to spend in store.
  • Hundreds of hours of gameplay can be had.
  • Four characters initially to pick from and a handful of special random characters to fight.



  • No proper tutorial so its left up to the player. After a few games you soon pick it up but a goto resource would of been nice.
  • Not enough characters to pick from.
  • Games can go on for an insane amount of time, Especially when you need to land on the home square to end the game and you keep over shooting it.
  • All gameboards/levels begin to look the same but with just a different back drop.
  • Music is good but limited so it will become repetitive.
  • Card balancing is near non existent and causes the AI or a single player to be a straight up badass.
  • You will for a large time think you are getting scammed as you pick all these cards but can never seem to play them.
  • The text on cards can be too small for some displays.

In summary, This game surprised me in so many ways. I have never really played a game like this before on a PC. I found it both fun and entertaining. You learn the rules quite quickly and can jump straight in. The presentation is excellent and stays true to itself through out. If there is a way to improve on the single player or mix up the boards a lot more then this game will be a truly great game. In fact a game like this would benefit hugely from an editor allowing players to create their own game board with its own rules. After a few hours you start to feel you have seen all the game can give and its sad as the game is capable of so much more. Still has it is, Its still fun and more for casual pick up and play. I urge you to go out and try it, It may surprise you! Plus if enough people buy it then we may get a cross platform enabled mobile version.

Jim Smale

Gaming since the Atari 2600, I enjoy the weirdness in games counting Densha De Go and RC De Go as my favourite titles of all time. I prefer gaming of old where buying games from a shop was a thing, Being social in person was a thing. Join me as I attempt to adapt to this new digital age!