Review: 5 Star Wrestling (PS3)

Gregg Hearty 1

5 Star Wrestling is a game built on true Ring Psychology with Heel and Face mechanics, a revolutionary Limb Damage System and Rivalries that impact game play

Andy Organ 2


  • PlayStation 2 era graphics. With some great detailed wrestlers.
  • Parody wrestling game.
  • Gamemodes: exhibition,quick play and challenges.
  • 5 AI mood (difficulty) options, standard, aggressive, unpredictable, stubborn and efficient.
  • AI skill sliders to tweak the game to your liking ala EA sports games.
  • Can view character bio on main screen.
  • Small file size 450Mb
  • Unlockables: Spend cash on new arenas,game types and costumes for each wrestler.
  • Earn cash by completing challenges.
  • Challenges is basically your single player story type mode. Challenges are split into specific characters then certain events and game modes. You have a fair few unlocked form the off and can unlock new ones with cash.
  • Huge selection of moves for each wrestler.
  • Handful of game modes to pick from like standard match, I quit, first blood.
  • Moves list can be seen on the pause menu.
  • Easy enough to learn the controls.
  • Good soundtrack.
  • Handful of characters which are parody versions of popular wrestlers in the WWE. Expect to see parody versions of The Rock, Kurt Angle, Randy Orton and many more. They come complete with their finishing moves.
  • 1-5 star match rating determined by your performance.
  • Can target and damage specific body parts.
  • Blood is an option.
  • Reversals including the excellent finisher reversal.
  • In game HUD is clear and clutter free.
  • In ring prompts for reversals and finishers etc.
  • Platinum Trophy.
  • Local multiplayer.

Dynamite Pegasus 2


  • Long loading times.
  • Very slow game-play.
  • Bad hit detection.
  • Really slow pin count.
  • Glitchy in places like I won a few matches where the opponent got stuck outside the ring or when re entering the ring it didn’t recognize it.
  • Needs a few more game types.
  • Atmosphere feels disconnected with cheers being heard in an empty room.
  • Feels a bit Stone Cold in matches with a lot of slow build up.

Curtis Angel 2

In Summary, Its nice to see a wrestling game that is not a big budget AAA title. Here we are taken back to a more simulated experience. It plays more like the early WWE games like Raw on The PlayStation 1 or N64. It is a good game but after all the jazzy fast slick AAA games this will feel slow and you will need to re learn the sport. Challenge mode is extensive and varied. The wrestlers themselves are well animated and come with their signature finishing moves we all know and love. In short: It is a good game but its more sim than flash so bear with it and you can get a good match out of it.


Jim Smale

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