Review: Another World 3DS Edition

Following our review of Another World on Nintendo Wii U, We take a look at the 3DS version, To be honest the differences are minimal and for that reason the majority of the review is exactly the same with a few minor differences. But enough of that, Onto the show…


  • Graphics are what you want! By that I mean you can run the game as it was in 1991 or by simply pressing Y you can have the newer smooth graphics with a bit more detail in the back drops etc. So whether your a retro fan or a new age gamer, The game has you covered.
  • Sound options: Again catering for all types of gamer, You have three yes three audio options. Original is self explanatory whilst remaster is the new improved sharper sound or you can go for the cd console and original music, giving you the proper old school audio experience.
  • Choose which graphic option you want the game to start in, Low or high resolution.
  • New difficulty sections: easy, normal and hard. Whilst not having a huge impact on the actual game play really, Easy will make gun fights a lot easier to bear whilst hard will obviously make it all a lot harder.
  • You can wipe/reset your progress in the option menu.
  • Simple control scheme, A is to run and shoot, Bis for jumping. Your gun has three types of fire. Tapping shoot will fire a round off whilst a quick btton hold will give off a protective shield and holding the button down for a while will shoot a high powered laser shot. Downside to the power is it drains the gun of energy for a few minutes and cannot be used.
  • Supports analogue and d pad for movement.
  • Small file download for a 3DS game, Weighing in at a rather small 570 blocks.
  • Still has the awesome atmosphere of the original and maintains all the suspense and complexity of the original.Many checkpoints for the purpose of a save restart point are present. When you boot the game you get to choose where you want to start from. Obviously you can only go as far as you have progressed.
  •  Gamers new and old will still get a decent challenge from the game. Returning players will spend the whole game fighting with their memory as they work out the puzzles. Whilst new players will love the old school feel and the whole loneliness of it all. You have no guidance, help or anything.


  • No touch screen at all on the bottom screen, Not a huge deal breaker but it would of suited the menu layout perfectly.
  • The bottom screen is not used at all, Its just a black barren picture of nothingness.’
  • No 3D implementation at all wish would of been a huge ask but being a prominent 3D device is a bit of a shock..

In Summary, You know what you are getting with this game, For so many games have built on the ideas shown in the game. But no players can in essence see where it all began and have one of the best experiences in a game. The amount of love gone into the port is overwhelming and refreshing at the same time. Switching the graphics in real time with no lag or judder is quite a feat in itself. Hardly any niggles really apart from a few of the puzzles in the game but thats the young gamer in me trying to scream out! In regards to the Wii U version, I feel this is the weaker of the two on Nintendo but it all comes down to personal preference. New gamers can expect to seek out help at every turn as the game is such a solo but fun experience. In my day we had GamesMaster magazine to aid us but Im sure you will be fine and to be honest, You owe it to yourself to play the game blind, Use no guides and see just how it was back then when games were games and not simulations and realism! Brilliant game and a decent port with great fan service.

Jim Smale

Gaming since the Atari 2600, I enjoy the weirdness in games counting Densha De Go and RC De Go as my favourite titles of all time. I prefer gaming of old where buying games from a shop was a thing, Being social in person was a thing. Join me as I attempt to adapt to this new digital age!