Review: Assault Gunners HD Edition (Nintendo Switch)

ASSAULT GUNNERS HD EDITION puts you in control of the Peace Keeping Force known as DAT and along with your three allied Battle Mechs, you must attempt to save Earth’s Migrants and the Mars Colonies as a whole from the threat of the ANTS uprising.


  • Decent graphics.
  • 678MB Download size.
  • Mech shooter gameplay.
  • Two modes- Missions (Campaign) and Inferno mode (Survival)
  • Report- Stats area that is split across 3 areas, Skill, Play, and combat.
  • Hangar- Manage troops, Edit mechs, names and voices.
  • Full mech creation system. Collect new parts in missions and by collecting pickups.
  • Three difficulties- Easy, Normal and Hard.
  • Opening tutorial missions in mission mode.
  • HUD- Shows buttons assigned to weapons, Health, Minimap and objectives.
  • Team commands- You can set from four commands how your AI teammates act. Their current command is shown on screen for ease of use.
  • Controls are easy enough to grasp.
  • In game cutscenes.
  • Earn EXP, Level up and increase your stats.
  • Variation in levels as some are destroy all troops, Or you could be taking land and holding it or boss battles.


  • No touchscreen support.
  • Only one controller layout.
  • Very busy HUD.
  • Doesn’t explain the whole mech creation stuff or how it all works.
  • Slow paced.
  • Bland landscapes, A lot of greys and browns with little architecture.
  • Movement is very slow and clunky.
  • No online play or leaderboards.

The Numbers:
  • 7/10
    Graphics - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Sound - 7/10
  • 8/10
    Accessability - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Length - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Fun Factor - 7/10


Mech games are tough games to make accessible and fun. Luckily, for the most part, Assualt Gunners HD edition does a good job. Leveling up and finding mech parts is a lot of fun as is the whole massive arsenal of weaponry. I just wish the actual levels themselves had more life to them, Very bland and boring colors, It is hard to care at all about it. Combat is fun as I say but the controls are clunky. Turning is slow and some guns are just not fun. Missions are varied but you do get some stinkers and several times I found myself either waiting for more enemies to spawn or having to go across the huge play area to get the last few enemies. I wish Assault Gunners HD Edition had online for either co-op or arena fighting but the Inferno mode is really where you will play a lot. Coming at you in a horde game mode, It allows a lot more immediate action and has a lot of replayability. In short, Assault Gunners HD Edition has a few issues with scenery and clunky controls but overall its not a bad mech game.

Jim Smale

Gaming since the Atari 2600, I enjoy the weirdness in games counting Densha De Go and RC De Go as my favourite titles of all time. I prefer gaming of old where buying games from a shop was a thing, Being social in person was a thing. Join me as I attempt to adapt to this new digital age!