Review: Dead Bits

Abducted by aliens, “Quilly” is forced to fight for his freedom. “Dead Bits” is a single-player first-person shooter for the PC platform. “Dead Bits” contains 9 levels plus a few extras, original soundtrack created by the developer (which is also known as “Frost Orb”),


  • Minecraft/Voxel like graphics that are pleasant on the eye yet detailed in there execution.
  • Controls are simple, Mouse for aiming and shooting whilst the keyboard is for weapon swapping, crouching and of course jumping.
  • Levels are fast paced and have many different types of enemies within them. You must try and get the best score within each level to unlock the next.
  • Weapons are more quality over quantity. Ranging from Baseball bats to shotguns to assault rifles, The weapon choices are perfect for the game you play.
  • Banging almost techno sounding soundtrack that kicks in when enemies attack. SFX are of a good standard.
  • 9 levels to play through with each one getting longer whilst increasing in difficulty.
  • In the more confined spaces the game plays and feels like  an unreal tournament game. Silky animations and fast game pace are great.
  • Game is not only about shooting but also about platform jumping. May sound weird but mis time your jump to the exit and you will find yourself replaying the level again.
  • Boss battles scattered through the game.
  • Torch only levels are very atmospheric and some of the better level designs.
  • If you love blocks then you will love the physics and appearance of blocks in the game.(spoiler-The whole game is made up of blocks)
  • Death animations of the zombies are brilliant and with slow down cameras, brings the fun.
  • Every enemy has a health score above their head so you can see how much damage you are doing.


  • Game is just too short and easy for most players. Luckily Im rubbish at these games so I got a lot more time out of it.
  • You get the death animation that is that you are being eaten by zombies, Even if you die by falling off the level!
  • Not enough variation in level design. I mean it pushes it with torchlight only levels but really it needs more in level stuff.
  • With an assault rifle it is possible to kill enemies from miles away thus eliminating any real difficulty.
  • No check points which on later levels is annoying.
  • When no enemies are on screen, you have no ambient music.

In Summary, Due to its low price point, The game is worth it just for quick casual blasts. Upon finishing it you will feel like it plays more like a beta than a released game. Its just crying out for more content and a bit more meat on the bone. I love the art style and whole idea of the game, I just want them to build on this and add more to it, Maybe have leaderboards and more modes like survival or speed running. Just give people more options. Grab the game if you like quirky shooters and have a love of blocks. Its not bad but then it wont last you long either.


You can buy Dead Bits on Desura Now.

Jim Smale

Gaming since the Atari 2600, I enjoy the weirdness in games counting Densha De Go and RC De Go as my favourite titles of all time. I prefer gaming of old where buying games from a shop was a thing, Being social in person was a thing. Join me as I attempt to adapt to this new digital age!