Review: Destiny The Taken King (PS4)

A dark shadow has fallen over our worlds. Oryx, The Taken King, is hell-bent on vengeance and is raising an army of corrupted “Taken” forces by manipulating the Darkness itself. You must find a way into his impenetrable Dreadnaught ship to defeat The Taken King before he and his dark army consume our civilization and bring our solar system to ruin.


  • Graphics have had a few tweaks, Looking crisper and more detailed than ever before.
  • Ghost has had a voice change. Gone has Dinklebot, now Nolan North has taken over. No new acceptable name has been accepted by the community.
  • Quests: The new way to dish out missions for the main story and also any other quest for vendors or character. An example is the first quest you get is one where you explore the tower and speak with the carious NPC. Later on it can have things like try this mode or do this level. A huge bonus to this is it has its own section in the menu but also it lists everything you can get in rewards.
  • Quests are always a series of steps, Finishing a quest line usually unlocks a further quest line. Hitting unknown criteria markers can unlock more quests.
  • Dreadnaught area- A whole new level 35 patrol area. Unlike previous patrols, This area has so many layers to it. Find flakes to make swords, find runes to summon bosses to earn another rune to unlock a key to special chests. New crafting material Wormspore, These can be used to upgrade weapons and armour. Court of Oryx is found within the dreadnaught. Loads of hidden walkways and rooms. Calcified fragments are like golden chests where you can find all of them to earn extra rewards. Only difference is there are 50 of the buggers. Special chests can sometimes hold them. The area itself is huge with cabal and hive constantly fighting with Taken invasions happening.
  • Court Of Oryx- A area that triggers a public event when you present a rune to the gods. Runes can be found in chests or drops from enemies. Spawned champions in the court can drop the next level rune and so on. Each time the enemies get tougher and tougher with greater rewards. As it triggers the whole fight as a public event, Anyone near by can jump in and help.
  • New level cap is 40.
  • Ten new trophies to unlock.
  • Legendary marks- New currency that can be earned by doing the heroic daily story, Your first strike of the day and also your first MP game of the day. Breaking down legendary items also grant marks. Marks are used for infusing and also used for buying gear from vendors or legendary engrams form the cryptarch.
  • UI revamp. You can now view quests,bounties and all your ranks like cryptarch,crucible, vanguard etc on one screen. Character screen stays much the same as does the inventory.
  • Track quests and bounties. You can track up to 4 and the beauty of this is that you can see progression just by bringing up the ghost.
  • Vault- More space has been added, Vault is now split into 3 sections: Weapons,Armour and misc.
  • Hold L2 on character screen to show elements of each weapon.
  • Once you hit level 40 you get a blue bar that still shows gained exp, Hitting the end of the bar grants motes of light then resets.
  • Bounties-New activities have been added from a race to checkpoints to huge boss encounters.
  • Story has been approached from a different angle going for proper rendered cut scenes instead of in engine. Additional story elements can be discovered by scanning certain objects with the ghost. The whole layout in general is just refreshing and a lot more engaging than the vanilla story. New mechanics have been introduced like free runner section along with a sneaky sneaky stealth area.
  • First time ever you get a single player only level in the story.
  • Cayde voiced by Nathan Fillion gets a starring role in this DLC and he does not disappoint. Bringing humour to the next level, He really nails the cocky rebel approach.
  • New third class for each character-
    • Warlock unlocks a Stormcaller class that allows you to rain down electric grenades and even shoot lightening out of your hands.
    • Titan gets to go full on Thor with a magical hammer than can increase melee strength or you can throw it!
    • Hunter goes Robin Hood armed with a bow and arrow that has devastating effects. Hitting an enemy with an arrow will group enemies together and reduce movement and sight but also slowly hack at heir health.
  • Strikes: New strikes have been added and have actually been set in whole new areas for the most part. New mechanics have been implemented like fighting in the dark and dodging lightening corridors and timing movement. Collecting orbs and transporting them to open doors adds tension. New boss fights.
  • Old strikes have had a lick of paint. New enemies and mid way bosses have been put in. Basically it means you can land up playing the same strike but have a completely different set of enemies and boss. You can also run the chance of beacon placement to which doing so will spawn a turret for you to use.
  • Strike bonus added where playing a playlist consecutively will increase the rep reward but also slightly increase loot drop rate and rarity.
  • Taken-New enemy type that is basically re skinned enemies but with different characteristics. Taken can multiply, heal each other, attack in groups, spawn turrets, fast moving including side shifting.. They really are tough when in great numbers and they look fantastic going for a ghostly black and white colour scheme.
  • Taken public events in patrol- Periodically Taken will corrupt the land and spawn in small groups all over the area. Kill them fast to spawn Lieutenants again kill them fast, Usually 3-4 of em and then that will spawn a huge Zealot Killing this will have a chance of dropping good loot.
  • Mystery patrols- Every now and then a mystery patrol will be triggered through your ghost. You don’t find it, It finds you. At first it displays a line of question marks, Every 60 seconds a few letters will reveal themselves. Your job is to work out what it says and do the action. It could be things like get head shots,dance or generate orbs. It is a 3 step quest and is all done consecutively and grants bonus loot and rep.
  • Arms day- New event that happens every Wednesday. You get a selection of test guns from the gunsmith, Each have special requirements like get double kills or kill hive with this gun. Finish the gun requirements to earn exp for the newly added gunsmith rank. Once all guns are done you can claim a legendary weapon package that is delivered the following week. You only have until the Friday to get them all done in time to qualify for the package. Alternatively you can still earn a package by ranking up the gunsmith a level but Arms day is the fastest way.
  • Nightfall-All changed and things just got interesting. Gone is the kicked to orbit punishment, In its place is harder enemies needing you to be a higher light level. Buffs and conditions from the prison of elders arena are now here. If these are new to you it is conditions like special ammo is preferred, Jumping makes you weaker etc. The rewards are greater and it still uses strikes for the nightfall.
  • Raid- A new raid has been added. I have been unable to play it as of yet.
  • New weapons- Not just legendaries and exotics, Green and blues have had an overhaul. New paint jobs, buffs and some really cool new sight behaviors like enemy tracking and marking. You never get the same gun twice is the feeling it projects. And of course you can now craft your own sword, Pick from three elements and have some serious fun.
  • Artifact- New armour slot that unlocks at level 40 and allows you to add even more buffs and defense points.
  • Terminals in the tower and reef- Here you can build any unlocked exotic you have which basically allows you to try re roll buffs. You can also re acquire abandoned quests. Emblems and shader can just be re downloaded. Huge benefit with these terminals is you never need to keep shaders and emblems on you.
  • Three of coins- New item sold by Xur and is a consumable that once activated increases your chance of an exotic engram drop from a legendary champion boss.
  • Infuse- You can infuse blues, legendaries and exotics into each other from the same weapon/armour type. Doing this allows you to increase the attack/defense of your gear whilst keeping your buffs.
  • Secrets are beginning to surface- Additional hidden areas and objectives with epic rewards.
  • Multiplayer- Rift is a new game mode that works like Halo one bomb. A spark will spawn in the map and you need to grab it and drop it at the enemies core to score. Its a fast and furious game mode taking place on all new maps and a few select older maps.
  • New multiplayer maps are based on the new areas from the story DLC.
  • DLC easily has 40+ hours gameplay locked away and that before you even think about hunting for weapons.


  • No clear explanation in game of what every new thing does.
  • Old gear is basically redundant, Again no explanation.
  • Public events don’t garner much reward anymore and you do not get a postmaster delivery.
  • Yellow bar enemies do not give glimmer bonus anymore.
  • Chunks of story DLC re use areas already traversed many times.
  • Nolan Norths version of ghost may not be to everybody’s taste. Im not sure if its his voice, delivery or script but at some parts he sounds like an annoying R2D2 trying to impersonate C3PO whilst eating a hot dog.
  • No use for exotic shards outside of infusing exotics and upgrading old year one exotics.

Destiny Taken King takes Destiny to the next level. Quests really change the whole dynamic of the game. Patrols have more meat to them and encourage you to jdo them and explore the areas in depth. I like how quests keep popping and even if its a really simple task, Doing it can grant great rewards. The new patrol area Dreadnaught is a fine example of how the game has changed. Bringing high level enemies, Additional side quests and so many secrets. Court of Oryx to me is very much a PoE public arena. Drop the rune and then everyone can join in on the fight. Arms day adds another Destiny day and rewards you handsomely for it. Going off the last DLC this really is a huge step forward. I fear for its long life replay ability though. I mean yes quests are still popping, Granted its at a lot lower rate but they are popping. My question is what happens when it stops? Does it stop? Will this all just end and then we are back to the old days of grinding for unknown rewards but set in a different area? The answer is we just do not know. So my suggestion is just enjoy it while it lasts. I would of liked to see more events for fireteams greater than 3 thats not a raid In short the DLC is worth the price just for the sheer overhaul of everything in game. Existing players need this whilst players who got annoyed at the last DLC will be pleasantly surprised how much is crammed into this package.

Jim Smale

Gaming since the Atari 2600, I enjoy the weirdness in games counting Densha De Go and RC De Go as my favourite titles of all time. I prefer gaming of old where buying games from a shop was a thing, Being social in person was a thing. Join me as I attempt to adapt to this new digital age!