Review: FAST Racing Neo (Wii U)

Jump into the driver’s seat of an assortment of anti-gravity vehicles, then put them through their paces in high octane competitions at 60 frames per second. Try to become a legend by besting all three of FAST Racing Neo’s leagues, each of which ramps up the competition… and the speed!

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  • Gorgeous graphics. The ships look so slick. The levels themselves look breath taking. From the rain-soaked tracks of a neon metropolis skyline to the frozen wastelands to the desert. Every level looks better than the last and always add something different like snow obscuring your view as the temperature drop, Or the rain drenching your screen as you aqua plane like a boss.
  • Controls are basic yet familiar, Motion controls can be used.
  • Supports Wii controllers and the pro controller.
  • Gameplay is that of a racer.
  • Insane speed, All 60fps is a pure G-Force to your senses.
  • Turbo orbs are found on the course, Collect these to fill your turbo bar.
  • Turbo pads are laid out on the street, Match your ship phase colour with the pad to use it as a much needed speed boost, Dont match them and the pad will slow you right down.
  • Championship: Three leagues: Subsonic, Super sonic and Hypersonic. Each one contains four cups with four courses within each cup.
  • Bronze, Silver and Gold cups are awarded.
  • 10 ships to use. You start with 3 and unlock the rest by playing the game and finishing the championships.
  • Time attack mode: Play on any unlocked track with any ship and try and beat the developers times.
  • Four player split screen local support.
  • Hero mode is a more extreme championship and is only available after winning the Hypersonic championship.
  • Online mode: Play against anyone in the world or set up a friends only match. You get a choice of three randomly selected courses and vote.
  • Banging techno/Drum and Bass soundtrack.
  • Game screen is mirrored onto the game pad so off screen support is always available.
  • Excellent level design. Apart from the weather effects you also get curve balls chucked in like rotating sections of track or crossroads and even the ability to navigate an asteroid belt!
  • Arcade presentation from the UI to the announcers voice.
  • End of championship award ceremony.
  • You can spin out other players by ramming them.

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  • Crashing or falling off the track always puts you in last place.
  • Rubber banding feels a bit too over powered in some events.
  • AI is crazy aggressive.
  • No online leaderboards.
  • No restarts allowed in championship races.
  • No customizable options for your ships.

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Jim Smale

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