Review: Jetpack Joyride

Originally available for free on Android and ios devices, Halfbrick in partnership with Beatshapers brings the ever popular game Jetpack Joyride to PlayStation Minis. The game concept is simple, run like hell avoiding obstacles and collect money to upgrade your character. The question is how far can you go?…………………..


You play as Barry Steakfries, of Age Of Zombies fame, another PlayStation Minis title. This time round Barry has got himself a jetpack and a goal. Get as far as you can before dying. Sounds simple? Truth is it is simple, if simple to you is not getting very far. Without going for the record of saying simple as many times as possible in one paragraph il explain. The game has upgrades to which you buy from collecting coins, coins are everywhere so never fear a shortage. Upgrades change the whole gameplay as they can give you abilities such as a faster game, coin magnet, the ability to slow enemies down. This is just tip of the iceberg, for every few upgrades you buy, you in turn unlock better upgrades so your always striving to collect coins and unlock more. Here in is the reason the game is like digital crack. You always want the next best thing so your constantly chasing the coin. Distance records go out the window, as for now all you can see is gold coins. Jumping around on a jetpack, high fiving scientists, avoiding deadly obstacles, it cant help but make you feel like mega man and marios love child.



Through out the game there will be things to collect besides coins. Collecting coins with an X on them and usually floating around will grant you a spin. A spin is a fruit machine style mini game which kicks in upon death. Here can win more coins,dynamite which blows you forward x amount of meters or even the elusive second chance prize, it does exactly what you think, it lets you carry on your game. So never say never when there’s fruit machine mini games! Collecting loads will grant you loads of goes so grab em as you see em mentality will help you a lot. Another pickup to look out for is pods. Pods give you a random super power up suit to use straight away. They can be as little as a gravity suit that lets you walk on the ceiling, to a fire breathing dragon that fills half the screen. All power ups only last as long as you avoid obstacles, hitting a fire wall will cause you to kill the suit but not yourself. Think of it more as a an extra life if you were.



Im not going to list off all the upgrades and power ups the game has to offer as that would spoil the surprise. All you need to know is there are ALOT and collecting them all will take some time. To help keep you addicted they have added in game missions which upon completion give you stars. stars go into a ranking system. The ranking system is simple. Say you have just started playing, you will be a noob, to rank up to the next level you must collect 3 stars. 3 missions will be displayed which vary all the time from easy to stupidly hard to time consuming. It could be get over 100 feet on foot or collect 3 spin tokens without dying. Do a mission get x amount of stars until your rank level is full, then boom your onto the next level of ranking. The number of stars needed for ranking up changes as you progress further. Sadly this game has no online leaderboards so really, in theory going for ridiculous long runs isnt as appealing as your always be number one. The truth is the longevity and true bulk of the game is in the ranking system.

In summary be prepared to lose hours of your life to this game. Be ready to feel your eyes burning as you forget how to blink, fear of blinking and dying is not an option. You must collect coins and rank up as you are awesome, you cannot be beaten blink deaths are not what you do. Just a few bits of what runs through my mind as I play. I am awaiting medication so fear not. The game sounds simple, is simple to play, but the depth it offers is second to none. The just one more go mantra will help you rank up. The graphics are great to look at and the challenges are so varied that the game always feels new even on your millionth attempt. I love this game and im sure you will too. Halfbrick have done it again. They have made me a non blinking, toilet can wait, highly strung, on the edge of my seat, high score chasing, achievement smashing badass!


Jetpack joyride is available on PSN for 3.49 GBP and for free on ios and Android devices.

Jim Smale

Gaming since the Atari 2600, I enjoy the weirdness in games counting Densha De Go and RC De Go as my favourite titles of all time. I prefer gaming of old where buying games from a shop was a thing, Being social in person was a thing. Join me as I attempt to adapt to this new digital age!