Review: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle

Created by CyberConnect2, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle is a showcase of all the knowledge that the studio has acquired over the years. With an old-school fighting style, “JBA:ASB” is perfectly fit for beginners and expert gamers! Along with his unique gameplay, this game takes advantage of the Original Manga stylish and colourful arts. All the elements that made the manga’s uniqueness are included!


  • Cel shaded Manga style graphics that look simply amazing, The attention to detail is incredible. A true feast for the eyes.
  • Full Japanese voicework throughout including the menu select screen. English subtitles are provided.
  • Animations not only look amazing, but the sheer scale and wow factor of them make them so unique. For activating special moves or interacting in a certain way brings up crazy comic strip style battle animations, or completely insane over the top moves that amuse and delight you.
  • Free DLC provided from launch that unlocks campaign and online vs modes. Includes a few bonus characters aswell.
  • Practice area so you can hone your skills or just learn the basics.
  • Throughout the menus you will get a handy pop up which briefly explains what each option does and what changing it will mean.
  • The levels themselves have had no detail detraction therapy. Atmospheric, spacious and crazy is just a few of the words to describe thes jaw dropping visuals.
  • Earn gold in game from the various modes and use them to buy gallery items.
  • Customise your character including speech used, clothing,taunts etc.
  • Gallery has full 3D models of all the characters and includes a glossary of all the items,levels and characters you will come across in the game.
  • Controls can be customised to your liking.
  • Gimmicks are in level random events that can damage you and/or your opponent. These are sporadic and whilst full of humour, can be deadly. They range from things like cars driving through the fight or characters running through the level. It all adds to the excitement and keeps the crazy train moving along.
  • Arcade mode is your typical face off against 8 random characters, accumalting gold and getting ranks on each fight.
  • Campaign is your online mode aside from standard versus. Here you have a set amount of energy and you use up energy for every opponent search. Once found you will face off against a random gamers AI controlled version of their character.Beating one of these will start unlocking medals which in turn unlock the good stuff, Such as new speech,outfits,taunts and menu music. Winning wont be easy but the rewards are more than worth it. Once your energy bar is depleted you need to either wait a set amount of time for it to regen or buy energy bars with real money in the PSN store app. The character you create in the customise section will be the one used for your online battles in campaign.
  • Story mode is exactly what you think it is and enemies will get increasingly difficult. You can use buffs and items to make it easier but these come at a cost. Each character has their own story and each one will take a good few hours to finish depending on your skill. A cool feature is you can find secret missions within your matches that grant bonus gold or items. You get a hint at what the secret mission might be so its worth checking out.
  • The roster of players is more than adequate. I am not going to embarass myself by claiming knowledge on these characters, But from what ive heard from fans, They do a good job at keeping everyone happy with the added bonus of dlc characters being added.
  • Combat is a lot slower than your Streetfighters and Tekken and require a lot more skill as the game is much more a technical fighter, than an all out brawler. Learning moves will take time, but in game move lists help ease the pain.
  • Online vs is a simple to setup mode with little lag encountered.


  • Long initial install on the disc copy.
  • Huge learning curve, So huge that it could alienate new players. It is possible to get into the game but research on the characters and perservertion is key.
  • In app purchasing is always a grey area, But having it in a retail priced game will always sting a little bit more. It is optional and is not required to be used. It is only there for people with little time really.
  • So much to take in aside from the combat. With so many menu options and modes, It can take a while to accustom yourself to them all.
  • Balancing between players can feel a bit broken. Again this could be a skill thing on my part.
  • No tutorial with a full break down on whats what. Yes it has it in terms of pop up in a way. But a clear scripted section would be nice.

In Summary, This is one of those games purely for the fans. This is JoJo Bizarre fans Smash Brothers Brawl of games. It has a wealth of options, a huge roster of playable characters and just so much crazy. The game to watch is brilliant and you want to be good at it so much but after years of these arcade fighters, I struggled with the slower more technical pace of the game. I do not doubt for one second that it is a good game. You can quite clearly see its a good game. But alas I as a new player had such a hard time getting into it that it never fully blossomed with me. If you are a fan of the series then its a instant purchase and you will have made a brilliant purchase. New comers, you will get there but its a long road. In short, This is for the fans!

Jim Smale

Gaming since the Atari 2600, I enjoy the weirdness in games counting Densha De Go and RC De Go as my favourite titles of all time. I prefer gaming of old where buying games from a shop was a thing, Being social in person was a thing. Join me as I attempt to adapt to this new digital age!