Review: Just Dance 2016 (PS4)

Just Dance 2016 features an amazing tracklist with visuals that are more creative and breathtaking than ever before. Join over 100MM players and dance to your favorite songs.

Just Dance 2016 (3)


  • Graphics are basically just full video backdrops with simple animated characters displaying dance moves.
  • Supports three sets of accessories:
    • Just Dance app: Download the free app and it can be used as a controller.
    • Move: Sync move controllers and use it as a controller.
    • Camera: Easiest hands free experience.
  • Profile: Setup one for each friend and assign avatars etc.
  • 1-6 Player on one console.
  • Cake Quest: The campaign if you were. Here you play a set of 3 songs and must finish in at least 3rd place in a dance off against AI. Doing so will unlock the next set of tracks and award you with coins and avatars.
  • Scores are marked on a 3 star system.
  • Easy to setup the game with any of the controller methods.
  • Supports microphones for karaoke fun or taking it seriously.
  • The camera works really well and instantly recognizes people no matter their height. Really impressive.
  • Full Platinum trophy.
  • Uplay integrated allowing you to earn and unlock bonus songs and avatars.
  • Dance Party Mode: Basically arcade mode. Pick a song and mode and off you go.
  • Co-Op and duel modes available.
  • Angry Bird song included.
  • Sweat Playlist: Create playlists and setup a training regime.
  • World video challenge mode: Challenge dancers online and even team up with strangers to take peple on.
  • Showtime: Choose a song and dance your own dance, Record it and upload it to the system.
  • Earn in game cash to unlock new remixes of the base songs and avatars. Coins are awarded with song performance rank.
  • Dance Unlimited: Subscription service where you can pay in 3 different ways and unlock exclusive songs, Well over 100 new songs to be had with new modes.
  • A huge selection of songs with over 30 on offer. Now to what ou deem is a good song is your own desicion but to me it had a good mix of new and classic.

Just Dance 2016 (4)


  • Subscription service stings a bit. You get into the game then see it plastered everywhere, Songs and modes all up in your face. You just bought a game and already you feel like you have half a game.
  • Not all music will be to your taste.
  • Angry Bird song included.
  • Whilst doing a group/duet song solo you cannot see clearly who to follow.
  • Would be nice to see live scoring in cake quest so you know how far behind or ahead you are.
  • Had a few funny moments where the game picked up a chair as a dancer and actually scored them! Hang on how is this a bad thing? Oh I don’t know anymore.

Just Dance 2016 (2)


Jim Smale

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