Review: Mario Odyssey (Nintendo Switch) SPOILER Edition

This review WILL contain spoilers. Not everybody wants a spoiler free review so here I have made a review as normal but also added in content that many will view as spoilerific.


  • Graphics are crisp and vibrant, Could easily be the best looking game on Nintendo Switch so far.
  • 5.2GB Download size.
  • Opening and ongoing tutorial support
  • Two modes- Regular and assist. Assist mode will have arrows to guide your way.
  • Supports all controllers.
  • Best experienced with the detached Joycons as you use the motion controls to throw your hat in a variety of ways from spinning around you to straight ahead to upwards and sideways.
  • Two players local support. One plays as Mario and the other as Cappy. This works surprisingly well.
  • Can skip cutscenes. (Do not do this but its there!)
  • Action 3D platform adventure gameplay. You must save Peach, To do so requires you collecting moons to power up your Odyssey ship and go from zone to zone.
  • You play as a T-Rex in the first moments of the game!
  • You get to play as Bowser in the final level and run through it with the ground breaking and walls blocking you. You take it all in in 3D and 2D pixel glory. The whole section reminded me of the final part in Halo 3 with the warthog escape.
  • Cappy- Your new sidekick. Cappy takes control of your hat and you can use him to break boxes, Hit ? blocks and take out enemies in all new ways.
  • Checkpoints are all over the areas and also act as fast travel points.
  • Two currencies- Coins and purple coins. Both are used to buy items from the shop whilst the Gold coin items are basic clothing, The purple ones also have zone themed gear and extras.
  • The shop sells gear, Souvenirs like posters that get stuck to your ship or objects that go inside your ship.
  • No loading times once you get into the game. I mean it does load but they hide it with cutscenes.
  • Full of new mechanics and gimmicks like being able to jump from the 3D world into the classic 2D world complete with original graphics and music. Others include using Cappy to take control of objects and enemies so you can now see what it feels like to be a Goomba or Koopa Trooper.
  • Moons as said power your ship. Every zone will require x amount (bar on the screen shows how many) and there is always more moons than you need.
  • The game is so much fun to play thanks to the accessible controls, Familiar surroundings, and polished experience.
  • Fanservice is in here in spades. You can play the first level of Super Mario Bros 1, Play an updated version of the original Donkey Kong.
  • Big massive boss fights are common but are very straightforward. Clever but straightforward.
  • The catchy soundtrack in each area of the game.
  • Clothes- Not only do they change your appearance but the zone-specific gear (purple coin) allow you into secret parts of the zones.
  • Can replay levels.
  • You can get the Mario 64 outfit turning you into the polygonal plumber!
  • Unlock the Mushroom Kingdom!
  • Jump through painting in the Mushroom Kingdom to jump to different zones.
  • Mini-games are in here. You can race remote control cars, Play volleyball.
  • Vehicles are in the game like the trusty scooter.
  • So much replayability thanks to the moon system. For not only are you collecting moons for level completion, You are also collecting them to unlock new stuff in the shops.
  • Stunning locations from the desert to the Forest to Bowser’s castle. Every one has themed purple coins like the beach level has purple shells, Snow level has purple snowflakes.
  • Huge areas. Not content with just a big world vertically as well as horizontally, You can find secret doors to whole new sections of levels or self-contained puzzle rooms.
  • Very light puzzle elements.
  • New game plus- Without going into the specifics, Rest assure there are things to be done once you finish the game. Hint…Moons. Basically, you need to max out the moons in all zones to unlock a secret extra reward.
  • In game map is presented as a leaflet of the zone. You can see all fast travel points or the shop.
  • Toad- Toad will turn up and sometimes he will have a gift for you or he will sell a location of a moon to you.
  • Yoshi is in the game and you can become him and eat apples to earn moons.
  • Capture action- Here it keeps a record of all enemies and objects you have used Cappy on. As a bonus, you also get a brief rundown on their unique abilities and controls.
  • Enemies- Once you take control of an enemy the gameplay can change for every enemy has unique traits and actions. Goomba, for example, can stack on top of each other, Hammer brothers umm throw hammers, Rock dudes can put glasses on to show invisible platforms and many many more.
  • Underwater areas! You can go full deep sea diving with new enemies and secrets to find. You can stay alive underwater by collecting bubbles just like in Sonic.
  • Odyssey- Your ship. Cover it in posters of places visited, Clutter up the interior with trinkets and souvenirs. Also, contains the globe where you deposit your moons.
  • Photo mode- At anytime you can bring up the camera and take pictures. You get a host of options along with many filters including a Gameboy, NES and Snes filters to give it the proper retro look.
  • Addictive.
  • Smile-inducing experience.
  • Play how you want and do what you want. With so many moons on offer, you can skip huge sections of the map or take a different route. Sometimes when you travel to your next zone you can choose between two destinations.
  • NPC will give hints and tips.
  • Signs will give tips as well as the ability to take a picture of the hint when it comes to a puzzle.
  • Solid platforming.
  • The story is a decent one if a bit corny and predictable.
  • Slick animations.


  • Weird getting used to not having a dedicated run button.
  • Judging jumps can be tricky at first.
  • Checkpoints can be far apart meaning death requires replaying chunks of gam,e.
  • Tedious platforming parts especially the timed ones!
  • The last section of the game goes back to the boring method of just chucking every boss at you one at a time ala boss rush mode.

Jim Smale

Gaming since the Atari 2600, I enjoy the weirdness in games counting Densha De Go and RC De Go as my favourite titles of all time. I prefer gaming of old where buying games from a shop was a thing, Being social in person was a thing. Join me as I attempt to adapt to this new digital age!

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