Review: Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes (PS4)

MGSV: GZ gives core fans the opportunity to get a taste of the world-class production’s unparalleled visual presentation and gameplay before the release of the main game. It also provides an opportunity for gamers who have never played a Kojima Productions game, and veterans alike, to gain familiarity with the radical new game design and unparalleled style of presentation.

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  • Some of the best graphics you have ever seen on a console. The level of detail, The shadows its all just simply incredible.
  • Sets you up perfectly for Phantom Pain coming soon.
  • Dualshock 4 is implemented well with its features being fully utilised. Have comms come through the speaker in the pad, Use the touch pad to move the map around or touch certain corners for using menu and options.
  • Soundtrack is excellent, Having custom music for when the chopper comes in is simply brilliant.
  • Movement is fluid and a lot more realistic than before, No weird floor grinding as you crawl on the floor this time round. Climbing boxes looks and feels quicker.
  • Shooting has also been greatly improved, You can now play the game as an all out action 3rd person affair with relative ease. Using a more lock on effect, shooting on the whole is smooth.
  • You get the run of a prison camp in an isolated island. The level is a good size and does add a lot of variety and there is no clear way to do something, You make up your own rules as you play.
  • Aside from the main campaign to setup MGS5, You can also unlock a handful of ex ops that see you doing different tasks within the level. Missions like rescue an operative, assassinate two army leaders etc. You can also unlock a bonus deja vu mission which is a PS3/4 exclusive. The 360/Oone get a different mission which is also exclusive to them.
  • Collectibles are yours for the finding. XOF patches are littered all over the map and are very cleverly hidden. Another set of collectibles are audio tapes by Chico. Find and listen to them all for a special surprise.
  • All levels have the typical MGS formula for level completition. Time taken, alerts,kills etc are awarded a rank going all the way to the top rank S.
  • You can now drive vehicles or hide in them as they drive around. As long as you drive responsibly and adhere to the speed limit, You will not alert the guards.
  • You will get soldiers spawning in random places when retrying levels, in both story and the side missions.
  • You can find new weapons in the field and dotted around are little armoury huts loaded with loads of goodies.
  • Finishing a level or side mission on normal will unlock Hard difficulty.
  • New spotting mechanic where you can mark enemies with an arrow, So you are always aware of their position/movements.
  • Another new edition is reflex mode, Just before you go into full on alert mode, You get a slow mo and a chance to shoot the guard before the alarm is raised. Once pulled off effectively it looks total badass.
  • New mechanics can be turned on or off and do effect your ranking.
  • You can call in a chopper to extract prisoners. Simply bring up your map and call a chopper to one of the many landing spots on the map. The chopper will wait around for you but it can be spotted by the enemy and they will attack it. After a while the chopper will leave and come back. As said, You can have music playing as the chopper comes in to land.
  • Llistening to tapes as you play is still a thing in MGS:GZ.
  • You now have a peek button allowing you to look around corners better and zoom in to see things in more detail.
  • New Snake voice, Gone is the legendary David Hayter and in steps a new man, Kkeifer Sutherland…..No comment.
  • AI behaviour is a lot more realistic and responsive to your actions.
  • Checkpoint system is constant and never really sees you replaying huge chunks of the game again.
  • Auto saves at checkpoints.

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  • The main campaign, If you can call it that, Is very very short and players will easily polish it off in under 2 hours.
  • Only the one area so after you have done everything it gets a bit stale.
  • No camo index/score so you never know how well you are hidden, Only a bad thing if you liked it in previous games.
  • No Platinum trophy despite being a physical and digital release. Due to the terms and conditions of games length vs tropies, Sony do not allow a Platinum.
  • You dont stick to walls any more and it takes a while to get used too.
  • The penalty for using reflex and tagging is not high enough, S rank is still possible using these new additions and they do make the game alot easier.
  • No David Hayter, The true voice of Snake.
  • The price, Seems you will get everything done in a dozen or less hours, The entry price is a bit steep.

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In  Summary, This game does nothing but get you moist and ready for Phantom Pain. The step up is a huge one and one that players will instantly live by. The graphics coming out of the FOX engine are just incredible. The game may just be a glorified paid demo in some peoples eyes, But for the true fans, This is nothing more than a brilliant addition to the series. You can get your Metal Gear on and prepare yourself for what is shaping up to be the game release of the generation. You get as much out of the game as you put in, Go for S rank and get more equipment to play the game again inn a different way. Go stealth or go Rambo, The game has you covered and is still a blast to play. Defiently one for the fans I must say but even new players will love the look and feel of the game. If the price vs content is a huge issue for you, Then just watch some videos on Twitch or Youtube. Another new fashion for the game is the art of speed running, Always a staple in gaming, Gamers have been frantically trying to out run each other and the results make some great viewing.

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