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Mugen Souls Z (1)

Undisputed God of the Universe Chou-Chou returns with her crew for a brand-new story revolving around the zodiac. Taking place immediately after the first game, you take control of the goddess Syrma, who meets Chou-Chou just after the end of the first game’s events.

Mugen Souls Z (2)


  • Typical Person Anime artwork animated style graphics. Bit of a mouth full but in a nutshell its nice anime graphics that we are now used to with Nis America.
  • Has Japanese voice over options or your standard English voice over.
  • Extensive options menu with loads of options like: Rumble power,volumes,invert controls,text speed and screen adjust are just a few examples.
  • Tutorial sections throughout, They come up as a new screen and you read the screens.
  • Can skip or fast forward text in game and pause and skip FMV cut scenes.
  • Jolly upbeat soundtrack.
  • Brilliant FMV cut scenes that look like a Anime Blu-Ray.
  • Central hub where you can interact with characters, travel to other worlds/dungeons. Shops to buy/sell/upgrade items and armour. New shops open up as you play through the game. One special place is the ability to rewatch cutscenesre read text in game, full 3D model viewers and go over previous tutorials.
  • Decent story which has a very soap opera feel to it all with humour, love and revenge scattered over it.
  • Gameplay is dungeon crawling huge areas fighting small enemies, With a big boss battle at the end.
  • Chests are scattered through the levels and contain items which are valuable.
  • When exploring the dungeon/level you can see the enemies roaming around. Hitting one from behind or hitting them first will give you a first attack bonus, On the flip side the enemy can hit you first and get a surprise attack bonus.
  • Battles are turn based but have free roam capabilities. Think the new Final Fantasy games and your doing it right. You can flip a cursor on to face particular enemies as long as they are in range.
  • Crystals are placed over the battlefield as you fight enemies. Each crystal has both negative and positive effects on the player and surrounding enemies. An example is if you are in the circle of effect for a crystal it will say top right what happens. In this example the crystal gives you a health boost upon attacking but grants the enemy defense up. Use the crystals to you advantage and always plan ahead.
  • You later unlock new menus for new attacks and one is a powerful addition indeed. You get the ability to capture enemies and increase your stats or turn them into items, Different enemies give different items including rare ones. To capture one you have to do poses which increase the level you need to hit in order to capture them. But be warned as if you do a wrong pose, you can anger the enemy and make them stronger and more aggressive.
  • Tha game is very enjoyable for the first few hours as you hack and slash your way through the opening areas, Controls feel slick and easy to remember despite the overwhelming intrusion of menus and new attacks.
  • Some of the moves in the game are incredible and so explosive and fun to watch.
  • In battles you can opt to attack use an ability or use an item. Course you can also attempt to run away if you so wish.

Mugen Souls Z (3)


  • Juddery movement throughout with little bits of slowdown in built up areas.
  • Loads of cut scenes and they get ever increasing as you progress the story.
  • You have so much to take in and it always feels like you are learning something new before you have even learnt the previous skill.
  • Difficulty spikes.
  • No proper animations in free roam battles with attacks just displaying damage numbers.

Mugen Souls Z (5)

In Summary, The game is a beautiful piece and does have a lot of content and coool new abilities, But for the first few hours you are merely listening to a load of kids argue about stuff you have no interest in (think Grange Hill meets Neighbors)  and taking in a never ending barrage of tutorials for new abilities, menus and attacks. With that aside you can get a lot of fun from it and it is a satisfying game to play but its all about getting through the first few hours, Oh and a love of trawling dungeon after dungeon with the same formula repeated time after time is a handy attribute. Its a game I will play in short bursts as long time play will drain you and leave your regretting your play time. One for the fans I think and new players will have to play the long game.


Jim Smale

Gaming since the Atari 2600, I enjoy the weirdness in games counting Densha De Go and RC De Go as my favourite titles of all time. I prefer gaming of old where buying games from a shop was a thing, Being social in person was a thing. Join me as I attempt to adapt to this new digital age!

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