Review: Resident Evil 2 Board game-Scenario 1A

In this series of reviews, I will be playing through the Resident Evil 2 board game solo. I give a brief explanation of the mission/scenario and then any memorable parts then round up with the review. I hope you enjoy it and any feedback is welcome either by comments below or via the contact form on the front page.

Scenario one A is very much a tutorial, introduction to the game mechanics at a base level. Your goal is to get to the door and enter the Police station.

Setup is a case of matching the pieces in the book and lay them out and place zombies, doors, and items. It’s common knowledge to all players that items are in a set place and one of them is a shotgun. Now Resident Evil 2 is a campaign game meaning if you just exit and leave items then they are gone from the game unless the RNG gods are on your side.

OK so I am playing this solo, I picked Leon Kennedy. Your starter items are a gun with 15 bullets, a knife, and a health spray. You have a choice of 2 starting locations and then you are good to begin play.

Being solo I could plan my route and I did aim to get all items but things happened as I will now explain…

Combat-at the moment with Leon and a handgun I just need line of sight to shoot zombies, I took this as a prime time to shoot my way out. This was a mistake! You roll dice and must get bullet holes to kill and the RNG was not on my side and I missed shot after shot, the zombie shuffled off and I took this as a good time to run through a door and slam it shut.

A little background knowledge on mechanics a second, zombies on the same board piece as you will always move towards you on their turn (reaction phase) and leaving doors open makes that new board piece part of the current piece meaning even more zombies can appear or have a zombie follow you that little bit further.

Back to the game, ammo going down faster than my pants after a heavy fiber breakfast, I decided to start avoiding fights and shutting doors. With only four actions this meant I really needed to play strategically, I really needed to maximize my route and avoid everything… I landed up in a square occupied by a zombie and got bit as I tried to push him away, great FML and all that, still I nabbed the shotgun and ran off down the corridor, again I landed on a square with a zombie but I must have had my Weetabix as I managed to shrug and push this zombie off no problem.

I decided to leave the other items as the zombies were piling up in narrow spaces, routes were blocked off and doors open. I pushed on and hid in a 2 square corridor and watched a zombie through the door, it was just him and the exit. I waited until I had all my actions then used the wall to Metal Gear Solid past him and exit the level.

This scenario whilst short and straightforward is an excellent introduction to the game and the basic rules. I neglected to mention the tension deck which to be honest makes the board game a Resident Evil atmosphere. The tension deck is a stack of cards where after all actions and reactions are done, you draw a card. It could be all clear but it could also trigger ambushes or something else (you only get 2 bad ones in this scenario). Back to my opinions, setting up was OK but I did have a few questions but steam forge games put up a playthrough video on the YouTubes so I watched that briefly and got my doubts answered.

Overall its a survival game that nails the survival, combat is luck based more than ever which adds to the survival and tension so it is not a problem. I really enjoyed the scenario and really liked the combat, actions and turn mechanics. I love it when a game with a name attached like Resident Evil, gets treated with respect and manages to translate the video game to the Tabletop. Granted its early days but its a strong start and I can’t wait to play more.


Resident Evil 2 board game is a game for 1-4 players and I own the base game, expansions and the Kickstarter additional character model variants.

Jim Smale

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