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Sacred 3 is an arcade Hack ‘n’ Slash game for up to four players, set in the war for Ancaria. Choose from legendary heroes and fight together against the rise of evil. You will face hordes of grimmocs, brute beasts, legions of mercenaries and undead wizards.

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  • Good graphics with some gorgeous levels/locations. Big bright colours and some really good animations and actions of the characters.
  • Orchestral soundtrack.
  • Full 360 pad support.
  • Healthy selection of video options like AA, v-sync, resolution with multiple FPS options.
  • Five controller layout options or you can go fully custom and pick your own layout.
  • Default controller presets are comfortable and easy to learn/use. You have your basic attack on A, evasive/block move on B with interaction done with Y and heavy special moves are with RB, Light special moves with LB, LT for executions and RT is a co op move.
  • Three characters to pick from, each one being unique in a particular field like ranged or melee.
  • Opening tutorial section with constant reminders throughout the game unless you turn off hints.
  • At the start three difficulty options are available with your general easy,normal and hard. You can then unlock higher difficulties again like legendary.
  • Diablo style game in regards to a dungeon crawling ARPG.
  • Local drop in and out co op.
  • Online co op for upto 4 players, you can set the room to public,friends only,invite only or people close to my level. You can see the host connection strength and the difficulty level of the room. you can also setup auto mute if your feeling particularly anti social.
  • Players will have a coloured ring around the characters base to help identify each other, it also has an arrow to help you know which way you are facing,fighting.
  • Steam achievements and cloud save.
  • Autosaves at regular intervals and always saves upon exiting the game.
  • Nice hand drawn cut scenes.
  • Checkpoints are plentiful and clear,A boundary line will appear and wont go until you hit the checkpoint circle.
  • Combo counter which grants bonus damage/rewards, not to mention a humorous shout out from your character.
  • Enemies will drop money and pick ups upon death. Green globes are to replenish health and yellow globes refill your heavy/light special moves
  • Execution moves are when an enemy is down but not out, Killing an enemy with execution will not only give you a visual feast as you jump in the air to your foe, but also reward you with bonus money.
  • Earn exp from killing enemies and doing missions, Use your exp to level up and unlock new abilities and items/weapons.
  • The hub is a world map where you can choose your own path in a way with its branching routes. Story missions will flash, side missions will be grayed out until completed, red areas are areas where you can go there, But you don’t meet the minimum level requirement and will have a harder time but earn more money and exp.
  • Side missions are varied and have icons to identify what type they are, There are set areas where you must travel through it and kill everything with a huge pay off at the end. Other ones can be arena battles where you face off against increasingly difficult enemies. one huge benefit to doing side missions aside from exp and money, Is you can unlock new items to use on your right stick. your right stick is a shortcut wheel to items you can activate with the up direction on the d pad. items here are things like health regen boost,faster movement or take less damage for x amount of time.
  • Find chest in secret/hidden areas to get bonus money and pick ups.
  • You can buy items from the shop when on the loading screen.
  • Big boss fights at the end of every level with a big intro scene and borderlands style splash screen.
  • Equipment you wear upgrades as you play and increases its buffs.
  • humour is all the way through the game to the point where you wont find much serious talk at all.
  • At the end of every level you get a final score tally, Notification of any unlocked items or upgrades.
  • Gameplay is fast and frantic.
  • Huge selection of enemies with loads of different attacks like magic,charge attacks or shielded guys who need a special move to break through.
  • Hours of gameplay to be had and even more on top if you do all the side missions that are littered throughout the game world.
  • you have a AI soul companion, They never fight on screen with you but grant you extra buffs, New souls can be unlocked by collecting soul shards in game, You cant miss em so don’t worry too much. Each companion has a plus and a negative effect on you.

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  • The humour is too much, If it isn’t creepy innuendo remarks or cringe inducing jokes, The game just makes a mockery of the story, the game and the player.
  • Story isn’t much to write home about as it is very cliche but the way in which it is delivered makes it instantly forgettable.
  • Initial use of the upgrade tree system is confusing and its not helped by the fact that the icons for new unlocks wont go even when you buy the upgrade.
  • Gold and pickups dissapear after a really short time.
  • The exp level system is a long winded affair with it taking an age to level up to the good stuff.
  • Slow starter for the first few hours as you get used to the mechanics and struggle to build your exp up.
  • No proper pause button, The game continues to play even when in solo offline play.
  • You have a guide/narrator with you to tell you what to do and where to go in a level, they will go on and on and on and on for you to hit the objective. This is annoying as you want to look around the level and they get louder and more constant.
  • Too much hand holding in the game, you always have plentiful pick ups even on the higher difficulties, the levels are designed in a way so you cannot get lost.
  • Too many doorways and alcoves that look like you can go through them but you cannot.
  • No AI companions to help you.
  • not open world at all and instead is just a corridor following set piece.
  • the voice acting is really cheesy and the script doesn’t help.
  • No proper looting mechanic in the game. you only get new items when you level up and eve then its only a handful of weapons/items. Enemies only drop coins and globes. it turns the game into just one big coin picker upper simulator.
  • Set pieces are repeated in every level and sometimes are used multiple times in a level. For example rocks falling from the sky is in every level, turning a wheel 6 times whilst fighting off waves of enemies is in every level.
  • Game play gets all too repetitive after a while and every level plays out the same, fight a few minions,get some dialogue,fight a few tougher minions, find a secret area,find a bigger foe then a set piece usually the wheel turning and then wave after wave of minions then a boss fight. rinse and repeat.

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In Summary, I wanted to enjoy the game I really did. I was hoping it would follow in the same vain as the previous games and serve me up a new alternate Diablo esque experience. How wrong I was, All i got was a pretty coin pick up game where i can do big flashy moves but ultimately Im limited by my level and exp gained ability. Online is solid and local drop in and out co op is a nice touch, but the game just has no draw. Why do I want to trapes across nice landscapes mashing buttons just to pick up coins for minor upgrades at the end? Fans of the earlier games will not be happy and rightly so as this is not the Sacred games we know and love. the devs have taken a new approach and its not a great one. Its like Facebook took over Sacred and made a pretty game but a easy shallow game. The only thing missing is IAP. I know it sounds like I am just ripping into the game but its just when a game you like has a sequel, you have a level of expectation. you do not expect the series to go back in time, you expect it to go forward. Mind you if you want a easy Diablo game with basic loot and no need to constantly check your inventory for new items then your in for a treat. Sacred fans should just ignore this game and carry on with the earlier ones. And you know what? After all this I didnt even go on about how truly bad the story, humour and voice acting is. I will leave that to Youtube. Sacred what happened to you?


Jim Smale

Gaming since the Atari 2600, I enjoy the weirdness in games counting Densha De Go and RC De Go as my favourite titles of all time. I prefer gaming of old where buying games from a shop was a thing, Being social in person was a thing. Join me as I attempt to adapt to this new digital age!

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