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Secret of Escape is a fast-paced stealth game, you control a man named Thomas, trapped out in the middle of nowhere inside a complex building run by a mysterious and psychopathic host known only as Dyer.

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  • Graphics are basic but look nice. To be honest with a game like this the graphics are not really important as the gameplay shines through.
  • 360 pad support.
  • Cheap price point.
  • DRM Free.
  • Game play is simple. You have 15 seconds to navigate the level and escape the room. Think Metal Gear Solid on speed or its a speed runner game influenced by the Stealth Inc games.
  • Presentation is top notch, The game plays out and has you feeling like you are playing on an old school CRT monitor or really old non HD TV. Non HD what is that? Google it! You get scan lines, atmosphere and its all presented so well. To be honest you can interpret the screen as you are playing through a CCTV complete with the record icon top right. Either way its ace.
  • The lighting and shadows are really good in the game.
  • Minimum menu screen. Simply continue or start again with the usual options screen.
  • You can wipe all data to start again.
  • Game can use the keyboard or pad and even have touch input options.
  • More content if supplied will be free.
  • Soundtrack is minimal but great.
  • Levels are varied with some truly ingenuous level designs.
  • Over 30 levels to play through. 36 if you want to be precise with a further 14 secret unlock levels.
  • Gameplay is fast fun and clever. It looks really easy but man it does get tricky.
  • Huge array of obstacles and obstructions in your path from spikes to lasers to sound detectors. Even rolling tiles and light based mechanics await you.

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  • Could do with a fast reset level button.
  • Decent leaderboard support would give so much to it.
  • Replayability is pretty small.
  • Short game running just a few hours with that number even lower for the pros.

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In summary, The game is great and does give you hours of play. I like how accessible and easy to pick up it is. Anyone can pick it up and play. The level design is top notch with some absolutely fiendish layouts. I just wish it had leaderboards for a bit of competition and replay ability. That aside you do get a lot of game for your money and is well worth looking at. We can hope for a Vita or Steam version in the future with more features but until that hopeful day we have a solid title. Worth buying.

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