Review: Soldner-X 2 Final Prototype (Vita/PS3)


The year 3104, the virus war has ended, Soldner X returns to earth as peace was restored. While restoration was underway factions started to emerge and cause disruption. The D’AARG the most technological of the races started to conquer glaxies. Twenty Years after the first war a new conflict is nearing its climax. The Soldner X legend rises once again.

I love the vita and think its a underrated machine, so when i had the opportunity to use it again I wasn’t going to pass it up. Knowing nothing of the Soldner series I didn’t know what to expect. A SHMUP …… oh, not being great at SHMUPS I wasn’t overly excited to play it, but once I started I found myself not being able to put it down. It was a pleasant surprise and one I was glad I did. It brought back memories of old playing games like UN Squadron and  R-TYPE, the days I loved SHMUPS and ultimately had more skill playing them.

Thankfully Soldner X-2 didn’t start at 100 mph, it eases you in, sucks you in and then BAM chaos, but you don’t mind as you’ve survived far longer than you would playing most of today’s  SHMUPS (Well me anyways). I found myself upon dying thinking man I’ve gotta get that next key, try a different approach, try the other ship. I couldn’t put it down and in this day and age of games its a fresh feeling.



  • Stunning visuals on PS Vita running up to 1080p 60fps
  • Challenges to increase replay ability
  • Superb music and sound effects which is more apparent with headphones!
  • Online High Score tables
  • Super out there boss fights
  • Cross buy with original PS3 release
  • 1274mb Space Required
  • Easy to pick up and enjoy for novices like me!!
  • Very addictive mechanics for collectors like myself, to unlock level 6 & 7 keys are needed in previous levels all hidden of course!!
  • Incredible backdrops through space, planets and even underwater





  • For me, like most SHMUPS it could get repetitive
  • Quite short for hardcore SHMUP fans, (Last Chapter does add a few extra levels)
  • No Platinum Trophy for the collectors out there!
  • Your Character can get annoying with some of his 1 liners.
  • Challenges are ridiculously hard for me anyways!!


Closing Comments

Having not played the first Soldner X nor the sequel on PS3 i didnt know what to expect, add to that not being a huge fan of SHMUPS (due to being completely useless at them), I was pleasently surprised…… a lot! The game is a joy to play, from its stunning visuals, fitting soundtrack to its intense battles, its simple to pick up and play but hard to master, but keeps bringing me back(which is a good thing). So Whether your like me a complete novice with SHMUPS or a hardcore fan this game delivers and does in style. Another reason to own a Vita!




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