Review: Star Wars Uprising (Android)

Star Wars: Uprising is an Action RPG made for mobile. Join millions of players worldwide in a brand new fight against the Empire! Engage in massive Sector Battles to dictate the expansion of in-game content, create your own powerful character and crew, and play real-time co-op with friends.


  • Decent graphic.
  • Easy controls system. Tap on screen where you want to go, Tap enemies to shoot at them. Performing other moves involves either dragging on screen or double tapping on screen.
  • Google Play achievements.
  • Online leaderboards.
  • Daily login bonus system.
  • Classic official soundtrack and sound effects.
  • Story is good and is the bridge in story between episode 6 and 7.
  • Cartels- Clans, You are free to join,create and leave cartels. Being in one grants access to cartel only events and bonuses.
  • Multiple currencies: Scrip is common and used in the crane mini game. Chromium is the premium currency and can be earned or bought with real money and is used for rare crane drop mini game among special offers. Then you have the normal currency that is used to buy things.
  • Materials are used to upgrade gear and come in many levels of rarity and type. Low end gear uses low end crystals for example. You can craft lower materials and turn them into higher level materials.
  • Familiar planets to visit including Hoth and Mataou.
  • Online co op available in certain levels. Can invite people in.
  • Trainers- They sell attacks and abilities and use different types of currency.
  • Loadout-Equip passive,stationery,evasive and ultimate abilities.
  • Special timed events where you do set missions to increase your teams bar. Top prizes are on offer and the results effect how the game plays from then on and what direction it unfolds.
  • Crew- Find crew members who can go off and do missions for you and all times listed are in real time. Crew members have their own level and can earn exp and level up.
  • All items,weapons and armour have random passive attributes.
  • Salvage or sell unwanted items once you hit level 10.
  • Armoury- records all gear,items,weapons and crew members you have collected. Grouped into sets, Finishing a set will reward you with blue prints and chromium.
  • Earn exp and level up to increase health and base damage.
  • Worldwide chat is always on. You can also enter cartel only chat. The chat allows you to friend,mute and join other players.
  • Random level generator. You can do the same level over and over in some cases but the layout will always change.
  • Full stats breakdown.
  • Multiple loadout options so you can change loadouts quickly.
  • Can earn/buy master outfits like Stormtrooper or Han Solos outfit.
  • Boss fights can happen.
  • No level limits for co op as the game just increases enemies.
  • Create your own character, Name him/her and choose from the 4 races, But make them your own by customizing everything about them. You can edit your player again at any time.
  • Titles- Displayed on screen by your name. You can unlock new titles by playing the story or doing specific missions.
  • Full gear management.
  • Break pots and find chests for loot. Loot comes in many categories from common to legendary.
  • Mini game- Crane mini game where you pay with scrips or chromium and basically it randomly picks an item for you. You have no control over it but using chromium gurantees better gear drops.



  • Shots can go through walls.
  • Always online connection required.
  • Lots of loading screens and online connectivity an effect loading times.
  • No clear pause button.
  • UI needs to be streamlined more as simple tasks like leaving a cartel or pausing are not easily found.Lag in game is a killer.
  • Huge battery drain.
  • Loot is really stingy and is constantly pumping out the same drops.
  • No way to turn off push notifications.
  • A lot of grinding.
  • Special events are not explained clearly of what you need to do in order to qualify for rewards.
  • Detection of taps or attacks is off at times.
  • Repetitive gameplay. Levels look different but in layout they all feel very samey.
  • Friends list is kind of redundant as inviting friends can be tricky due to the UI and connection issues.


So here we have another Star Wars title. It claims to bridge the gap between the movies and is an important part of the Star Wars universe. Well I am happy to report that all signs point to this being a really good story and does exactly what they said it would. In terms of actual game play. I have to be honest I want to hate it, Its the same monotonous game play over and over with a few breaks for story or boss fights. But it just has something that keeps me coming back, Maybe its due to the random loot drop that makes games like Diablo 3 so popular, Its the not knowing or the fact that any point you could get some awesome weapon? My one point that does annoy me no end is the fact that its a proper battery killer, I can only get a few hours play from a full charge, I am going to guess it has to do with it being always online but man it kills everything. For a mobile game it does a really good job of making you feel like you are playing an MMO from the chat to seeing people walking around the hub. It just needs more variety and special events need proper explanations as I sunk 4 hours into the latest one and got nothing at all, Not even a thank you! I am a Star Wars nut though so I overlook a lot of the games shortcomings. In short its an ambitious game with a lot of positives but it still needs a few teaks and additions to make it the best Star Wars game yet on mobile. Has the potential to be a great Star Wars game!

Jim Smale

Gaming since the Atari 2600, I enjoy the weirdness in games counting Densha De Go and RC De Go as my favourite titles of all time. I prefer gaming of old where buying games from a shop was a thing, Being social in person was a thing. Join me as I attempt to adapt to this new digital age!