Review: StarCraft II 2 – Legacy of the void (PC)

Your Life for Aiur! Legacy of the Void casts you in the role of Hierarch Artanis, leader of the technologically advanced protoss race. Years ago, the protoss homeworld of Aiur fell to the merciless zerg Swarm. Now, you have raised a powerful fleet of warships known as the Golden Armada and are poised to reclaim your world.

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  • Stunning graphics, The high level of graphics that only Blizzard can provide. The cutscenes are still a thing of absolute beauty.
  • Prologue- Bonus story missions that tie the story from Heart of The Swarm to Legacy Of The Void. It is optional.
  • Main story also has a set of options where you can re watch the opening cutscene or watch a “The story so far” cutscene to get back up to speed.
  • Four difficulties: Casual, Normal, Hard and Brutal.
  • Legacy Of The Void is also a standalone product so you do not need to own Star Craft 2 Wings Of liberty or Heart of The Swarm in order to play it.
  • New Blizzard achievements.
  • Earn new player portraits for doing achievements.
  • Mission screen shows what achievements you can earn and the criteria, Description of your mission, Set difficulty which can be changed and finally shows what enemies to expect.
  • Fully voiced cast.
  • Hub is where you go in between missions and can visit other areas of the ship and select the next mission etc.
  • War Council: Here you can assign and upgrade your army. Unlock new types by playing the story. Each type has three options which offer different attacks and buffs as you pick which leaders forces to run with.
  • Archives: Replay any viewed cinematics and replay levels.
  • Solar core: Configure your heavy weapons and support items for use in game via the Sear of Adun bar. Here you find such things as a high-powered laser, Shield boost and so many more that unlock through progression.
  • Spear of Adun: Name of the ship you control. This is the ships bar that you use in game to rain support and heavy fire down. Weapons and support require a new resource to power called solarite which can be found in level.
  • Such a high level of presentation that shows in every menu you visit. From the splash screen showing Artanis smashing down and killing fools to the elegant 3D models of the comms link video feed.
  • Keys can be re-binded at any time along with setting up hotkeys.
  • Video options are so vast it would take a whole page just to list them. Much to say you have complete control over everything from refresh rate to shadows and light to overall preset options.
  • Missions don’t follow a strict do this level then the next, At times you can choose where to go which will change the course of missions but also change available unlocks.
  • Mission variation really helps keep it all fresh. One minute you could be building and defending a base when next time you may be going all sneaky sneaky in a stealth mission or it could be an all out war!
  • Solid engrossing story full of action, loss and plot twists.
  • All tile sets have been revamped, This is in reference to Heart Of The Swarm and Wings Of Liberty. Nothing has really changed layout wise but they have been tidied up and look a bit fresher.
  • Archon mode: A new take on multiplayer 1V1 where it lets you bring a co-op friend in with you making it a possible 2V2. Twist is you both work from one base.
  • New units enter the battlefield:
    • Cyclone: The latest advancements in Dominion military technology produced the Cyclone, a swift war machine capable of firing Typhoon Missiles with pinpoint accuracy while on the move.
    • Liberator: This new generation air superiority craft boasts twin missile launchers and heavy plating, but its initial lack of versatility brought its operational effectiveness into question. In order to make it more adaptable to different combat scenarios, the ship was fitted with Terran transformation technology and a powerful air-to-ground plasma cannon.
    • Adept: 
      These powerful warriors specialize in dealing with lightly-armored threats. Their Glaive Cannons fire discs of psionic energy, which, despite their lower rate of fire, can punch veritable holes through enemy targets. In addition, Adepts can project a shade of themselves, and teleport to its location after a brief period of time
    • Disruptor:
      performs its primary function: annihilate, its intended targets with directed spheres of unstable energy.
    • Lurker: 
      This peculiar Zerg strain can only attack from within the soil, using high-density extendable spines to tear through flesh and neosteel—and evoking sheer terror in the hearts of the Swarm’s enemies.
    • Ravager:
      This monstrosity wields plasma fire both in close-quarters combat and as a wedge to crack open entrenched positions, something the Swarm has struggled with in the past.
  • Co-Op mode: Here you can choose from the 6 characters and their factions. On offer is Raynor, Kerrigan, Artanis, Swann, Zagara and Voralun. You earn exp from playing this mode and unlock new units, new support and increase base stats of particular weapons and abilities. Five levels are on offer and each one offers different ways of playing. It could be a tower defense or patrol mission. For bonus exp you can select a random level. The standard 4 difficulties are available and the higher you go the more exp you can earn.
  • Co op is a lot of fun and a fun distraction, Leveling up troops and playing with a friend is solid.

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  • Long loading times.
  • A lot to take in for first time players.
  • Repetitive voice loops when commanding the troops.
  • Very small tutorial but this is aimed more at new players.
  • Achievements are not popping up.
  • Co op whilst fun is limited to just the five levels and is all self-contained.
  • Difficulty spikes happen through out.

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