Review: Velocity 2X

Velocity 2X is the sci-fi platformer and shoot ‘em-up in one adventure. This highly anticipated sequel to Velocity Ultra weaves together two classic game formats into one seamless adventure, featuring puzzle-platforming action alongside award-winning top-down shoot ‘em-up gameplay!


  • Chunky sleek almost anime infused graphics that look eye meltingly good on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. going for a more neon look, the graphics and avatars in particular have taken Twitter by storm, Rightly so as they are brilliant.
  • Full 1080p/60fps action on the PS4 ith no slowdonw at all, Vita maintains a high resolution and game speed and looks every bit as good.
  • Part shooter part platformer. The game splits up the shmup action and chucks in fast paced platformer action with a run and gun mentality whilst always fighting against the clock.
  • The music compliments the game in every way, hell I even bought the album off iTunes, Its that good!
  • 50 story missions to play through and unlock. Unlocking the levels is easy, Mastering the levels is balls hard!
  • Whats this game like? Think Galaga on acid, Metroid on speed, space invaders after a major plastic surgery rework. The platformers sections are very akin to a 2D recreation of a loner dropping a shed load of horse tranquilizers and let loose in a laser quest!
  • Get a rank on each level based on a series of sores, Each section making up a badge of honour. the sections are: Time taken, Score, Crystals collected and survivors rescued. Getting top marks in all sections will create a badge with stripes, stars on top and a collection of crystals sticking out on either side. Looks a lot bee=tter than I am making it sound.
  • Game starts off as a straight shooter, then when opening gates to open more level ness, You may need to enter a docking port and carry on on foot. The on foot section are surprisingly quick and fun. Shoot crystals to collect them, slide under barriers, warp through walls and avoid gun fire….Awesome.
  • Controls on bot devices are solid and fluid but for me the Vita wins over just. for on the Vita you can warp by using the touchscreen where as on the DS4 you still do the hold square button and move. Aside form that its all the same with the r button used for turbo,right stick for throwing bombs etc.
  • Cross buy, Meaning buy it on either PS4 or Vita and get the other version free!
  • Cross save, Swap devices and never lose your place. This works really really well, Upon loading the save data to the cloud, Going on another device will automatically prompt you to download the newer version from the cloud upon loading.
  • The gameplay is fast by nature, Add in your desire to top leaderboards and finish levels quickly, The turbo button notches that fact up and then some.
  • Full leaderboard support and can be filtered.
  • Cutscenes are wonderful pieces of art with text. You can rewatch or read as it were, These cutscenes at any time from the extras menu.
  • Extras menu is HUGE! You have a section for the bestiary so you can see who.what you have been fighting, technology you haveunlocked/encountered, catch up on story stuff, even still has the now trademark Futurlab calculator option.
  • Options allow you to change between inverted controls,left handed,auto skip cut scenes.
  • The UI is completely reworked and looks so sci fi its crazy, Coming in from the right in an almost old school 360 blade systems kind of way. The menu is a slick easy to use deal, Any new additions or updates to any of the many options will have a exclamation point on it.
  • Unlock new abilities as you go and this is more geared towards to the on foot sections as more complex levels come into play. things like throw a small teleport pod to get through small gaps, Get a rifle to destroy stronger enemies etc.
  • The shmup sections are very much a love letter to past shoot em up titles, injecting speed and urgency is a winner with boss fights popping up in a variety of ways.
  • Its a hard game later on but never unfair. If you fail a lot then its you, Not the game.
  • Secret parts to the levels with bonus pick ups like codex pages or extra health.
  • the main story will take a good few hours to finish first time round, Going for full completition will take weeks if not months!


  • Few issues with gates as they are based off a timer which is a bit confusing at first but you soon get used to it.
  • You dont like shoot em up games.
  • You hate games.
  • some of the times are so far out of my reach I will never 100% all levels! Thats a personal gripe as I suck at theses games.

In Summary, The game is freaking amazing fun to play, look at, own and beat! I just love the presentation of it all, it just shines and seeing it there on my Vita homescreen, Tempting me with its lure of fast eye melting game play, I cannot resist. Everytime it gets me and I want to hate it but yet I dont, instead i play it and lose hours of my day to it. I particularly love the on foot sections. They move ninja fast, add more complexity as you progress and has awesome super hero style sections like sliding down a hill, shooting bad guys as you guy, Explosions filling the screen, bullets flying everywhere and just this bird stood there smiling. PLus members get the game for free and that is amazing news as everyone gets to enjoy this masterpiece of gaming. But please help support the devs and seek out the OST and give em some money, We want more of this and that costs money! I wanted to end by saying BUY THIS GAME! But most of you will be getting it for free so I do not need too, Instead I will say GO HAVE FUN WITH THE FUTURE GOTY GAME. Yeah that will do. No sod it, That will not do….A game for gamers from gamers. Main point being gamers.


Jim Smale

Gaming since the Atari 2600, I enjoy the weirdness in games counting Densha De Go and RC De Go as my favourite titles of all time. I prefer gaming of old where buying games from a shop was a thing, Being social in person was a thing. Join me as I attempt to adapt to this new digital age!