Review: Warhammer: Doomwheel (Android)

Pilot your Doomwheel as it rattles through the battlefield at breakneck speeds in this fast-paced infinite arcade adventure. Shatter, skewer, shock and bounce foes of all shapes, sizes, and races as you claw out territory for yourself across the Old World. Develop a newer, deadlier, Doomwheel in your workshop while fending off the vengeful plots of your backstabbing rivals.


  • Cel-shaded graphics style.
  • 56MB Download size.
  • Google play achievements.
  • Endless runner gameplay.
  • Cloud saves.
  • Simple touchscrren controls. Once for a jump and double tap for a double jump.
  • Tutorial.
  • Online leaderboards along with local and weekly filters.
  • Kill counter for each enemy type.
  • Cloud saves.
  • Very simple to get into and play.
  • Fantastic timewaster.
  • Gems- In store currency.
  • Doomwheel- Upgrade parts to increase your stats and change its appearance.
  • World map- Unlock new territories using gems.
  • The different regions which are uniquely themed from collectibles in the game to backdrops, architecture etc.
  • As you progress in level you encounter new enemies and enemies that act differently like flying or jump at you.
  • View in-game is on an angle so you can see the side of your Doomwheel and the level in front of you.
  • End of level breakdown.
  • Each territory will have missions (usually 3) and do them all will conquer that territory.
  • Missions are varied from simple ones like play x amount of times to more difficult ones like get to x length in one run or kill certain enemies.
  • Faceoff against warlords.
  • Massive world map.
  • Play how you want in terms of what to unlock and where to go.
  • Can replay levels.
  • Great animations.
  • Levels have obstacles, high ledges, and low ledges along with attacking enemies.
  • Enemies will make a satisfying death noise accompanied by a splatter of blood.


  • Had a few hard crashes.
  • Game states on the main menu that it doesn’t support cloud saves despite being patched in.
  • Can be hard sometimes to see obstacles.
  • Hitting a solid wall is instant death even if you just clip it slightly at times.
  • Once you have unlocked all territories there is little else to do.
  • Needs more locations and races.
  • The slowdown in busy parts.
  • Can be perceived as a tad too simple, In terms of levels and upgrades, All upgrade slots are just the same stat boosts but in different areas.
  • Lacks any real customization options.

The Numbers:
  • 8/10
    Graphics - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Sound - 7/10
  • 8/10
    Accessability - 8/10
  • 7/10
    Length - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Fun Factor - 7/10


A nice little runner game, The satisfaction of the game really comes from the satisfying hits on the enemy as bits of them fly off, Ramming through a building and generally being an asshole has never been so much fun, Being able to choose what to unlock both in customization terms and world map locations. I like the whole mission idea for each territory but for somewhere they name particular characters, It can be hard to know what to do. The menu is very simple and bare bones, The only in-app purchases through the game are gems. Levels at first are fun with the multi-layered effect to them but after a few hours levels really feel like they get repeated but with a different skin on them. In short its a runner and does the genre right with a little customization, The game falls down on the little enemy and level layout diversification.

Jim Smale

Gaming since the Atari 2600, I enjoy the weirdness in games counting Densha De Go and RC De Go as my favourite titles of all time. I prefer gaming of old where buying games from a shop was a thing, Being social in person was a thing. Join me as I attempt to adapt to this new digital age!

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