Review: WRC Powerslide

New and immediate gameplay: It’s fast, it’s easy to play, it’s a new way to step intro WRC world : race against 3other opponents on the same special stage. They can be driven by AI or your friends in multiplayer mode ! Enjoy new car handling. Accelerating, braking or using the handbrake in a new and smooth way: driving fast, drifting or jumping has never been so easy! Choose also your favorite settings: by default race against ghost car without or switching on the option, with collisions and surprising power ups on track… these could make the difference for your final win!


  • Graphics are detailed and actually very good. Despite their size, the cars have some great detailing work. The levels are varied and have great atmosphere.
  • Pad support in game and on most menu options. A keyboard can still be used for the classic experience.
  • Online leaderboards that can be set to friends only.
  • Kind of a mixture of isometric and top down racing. A little bit like a grown up version of Micro Machines with a rally twist.
  • Six power ups to collect and use in game. They vary from nitro to a horn that blows opponents over to a deadly lightening strike.
  • Earn gold on each of the events to unlock new cars and events.
  • Events are in three different classes. Class 2, class 3 and WRC. Each class has different cars and crews.
  • The game is very fast at loading in between races and on the menu.
  • The in game HUD is very minimal, showing your opponents in race order and if and what power ups they have. A race time counter, a mini map and a percentage bar showing your progress in the race.
  • Handling feels like an arcade game and works well.
  • Control layout can be changed but even at default it feels fluid and natural.
  • Sound effects are good and each car actually sounds different.
  • Reset to track button and its instant. It does have a momentary invincibility flashing mechanic when you use it.
  • Full damage model, see every dent, scrape and bumpers falling off etc.
  • Over 70 events to race covering a handful of countries with many different surface disciplines.
  • Over 50 crews to unlock.
  • Fully licensed game with official cars, liveries, crews and locations used.
  • Three opponent difficulty options: easy, medium and hard.
  • You can play with power ups on or off.
  • Game does support keyboard.
  • Video options cover v-sync, resolution and the ability to turn on/off things like shadows, lighting etc.


  • Online is a separate account needed affair and it all feels awkward. Really needs Steamworks integration.
  • Soundtrack is rock and doesnt fit the game and unless your a fan, will begin to grate after just a few races.
  • No customisation or modding available on the cars.
  • AI will always have the perfect power up when they need it.
  • Few corners can obscure your view due to the camera angle.
  • To get gold on all courses you land up doing the same course three times with different cars, It feels like a cheap way to extend the play time.
  • Unable to counter power up attacks. You get no warnings and when a power up is used on you, you cannot fire yours off to counter it. Its possible to do a mild sort of counter but its all based off guesswork.
  • Limited selection of power ups that feel tired after a few championships.
  • No easy way to compare different car stats.
  • Online has had a few issues where it will either not authenticate player details correctly or will kick you out mid race. Both issues are rare but do still exist.

In Summary, You will at first think of this game as nothing more than a cheap cash in on the WRC license. But what will surprise you is that it is actually a fun little game. The presentation, graphics in particular really make the game play well. The power ups add that extra edge to the race scene and the overall speed of it all is well done. Yes it can be quite an easy game but online will bring the full competitive edge. The single player will give you many hours of fun but due to the repetition of doing each track 3 times, Its best played in short bursts.  It is possible to finish the single player quicker by just doing the race needed to unlock the next event. Or by that token doing races that unlock new cars could be done first to make the races easier. Its a well executed little game that is very playable that could do with a few tweaks and new additions.

Jim Smale

Gaming since the Atari 2600, I enjoy the weirdness in games counting Densha De Go and RC De Go as my favourite titles of all time. I prefer gaming of old where buying games from a shop was a thing, Being social in person was a thing. Join me as I attempt to adapt to this new digital age!