Shady Part Of Me Review (Xbox Series S)

Shady Part Of Me Review

Overcome emotional struggles across a touching narrative filled with twists and surprises. Embark on a dream-like journey, with breathtaking artistic direction and the enthralling voice of Hannah Murray (Game of Thrones, Skins).


  • Beautiful hand-drawn graphics.
  • 2.7GB download size.
  • 1000 Gamerscore.
  • Puzzle action gameplay.
  • Rewind button that can be used for as long as and as much as you want.
  • Has a Braid feel to it.
  • Really good animations.
  • The story is told by text coming up as you move around.
  • Collect birds.
  • Excellent soundtrack.
  • Uses screen effects to emphasize changes in the environment like going into the water.
  • Can pan the camera around a bit.
  • Simple controls.
  • Plays in a 2D world initially and then transitions to a fully 3D world.
  • Areas will be whited out or not filled in until you hit the designated marker.
  • Good voice work.
  • Words will appear as you walk around and interact with the world.
  • It’s a light manipulation puzzle game. White can go on light and black can go on dark.
  • Darkside is played out in the background as a 2D platformer and the light side is a 3D adventure style game.
  • Use the environment, switches, and other things to move light and shadows around.
  • You can swap between characters at any time at the press of a button.

Shady Part Of Me Review


  • No help or guidance.
  • Slow starter.
  • Never sure when it’s saved.

Shady Part Of Me Review

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