Super Bomberman R Online will be launching May 27 for PS4,Switch and Steam

Super Bomberman R Online Premium Edition Bundle Now Available Exclusively On STADIA

SUPER BOMBERMAN R ONLINE will be launching a two-tier “Battle Pass” system

Konami Digital Entertainment, today announced that SUPER BOMBERMAN R ONLINE will be launching May 27 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam as a free-to-play, digital download exclusive. The game will also be compatible with PlayStation 5.

The news of this was reported a while back.

The release timing for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S version of SUPER BOMBERMAN R ONLINE will be confirmed at a later date.

Along with the multi-platform launch, SUPER BOMBERMAN R ONLINE will also be introducing new in-game seasons for all platforms, including Google Stadia. Each season will last three months and bring new items, cosmetics, and a new Bomber hero. Season 1 is headlined by the addition of Metal Gear Solid veteran, Old Snake Bomber, obtainable with in-game “Bomber Coins”.

Content available as part of a season may only be acquired during the three months that each season lasts.

The Silver Pass will be free for all players; the more they play, the more they can level up their rank and earn cosmetic rewards. Rewards include taunts, accessories, and poses. There will be 100 ranks within the Silver Pass.

No word on the what if anything comes over from the Stadia version.

The optional Gold Pass offers greater rewards over 100 ranks, including many more cosmetics and other items that do not directly affect gameplay. The Gold Pass will be available for 800 Bomber Coins, a currency that can be purchased in packs via the in-game shop or on the platform store. Bomber Coins are also offered as Gold Pass rewards. The ranks and content for both the Silver and Gold Bomber Passes are seasonal, so players will need to climb up the ranks again once a new season starts to earn more rewards.

User-Generated Content is coming

Ahead of the wider launch for SUPER BOMBERMAN R ONLINE, KONAMI will soon be issuing User Generated Content guidelines for gameplay video content. More information will be made available on the official website before launch. We have much to look forward to as Super Bomberman R Online will be launching May 27.

Finally, in celebration of recently reaching over two million units sold for SUPER BOMBERMAN R, KONAMI will be distributing a commemorative “Double Platinum Cake” outfit for all players.


Previously launched on Stadia, SUPER BOMBERMAN R ONLINE takes inspiration from the popularity of Super Bomberman R. Konami bring back the 8 Bomber Brothers and others as a 64-player, online battle royale.

The action in SUPER BOMBERMAN R ONLINE erupts to new heights with the “Battle 64” mode. Delivering an original battle royale experience, 64 players are spread across 16 starting battlefields. As levels are cleared and players are eliminated the number of battlefields continues to shrink until the ultimate final battle.

SUPER BOMBERMAN R ONLINE brings more than 100 customizable feature combinations. What with numerous costumes, accessories, and for the first time, bomb skins – affecting both the bomb and the blast itself. Players can further discern themselves from the rest with the optional Premium Pack. (RRP €9.99/£9.99/$9.99) Giving access to additional characters that pay homage to classic KONAMI IPs such as Gradius and, Castlevania.

Battle 64 Game mode explained:

While anyone in the world can jump into a “Battle 64” room. The Premium Pack allows players to create their own private room. Room rules include “Battle 64” mode, “Standard” mode, or “Grand Prix”. Grand Prix divides players into two teams of up to 3v3 to compete in earning points. The team with the highest total points after the two rounds wins.

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