Super Mario Bros Wonder Review (Nintendo Switch OLED)

For this Super Mario Bros Wonder Review, Prince Florian has invited Mario and his friends to visit, but a familiar foe drops in uninvited! As his army crashes the party, Bowser steals a Wonder Flower and merges with Prince Florian’s castle, transforming him into a floating fortress!

Super Mario Bros Wonder Review Pros:

  • Beautiful graphics.
  • 3.5GB download size.
  • Platformer gameplay.
  • Each user on the Nintendo Switch console gets a save.
  • One to four local play support.
  • 12 playable characters – Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Yellow Toad, Blue Toad, Toadette, Yoshi, Red Yoshi, Yellow Yoshi, Light Blue Yoshi, and Nabbit.
  • A 2D platformer with fully animated 3D backgrounds.
  • Classic soundtrack.
  • In-game cutscenes.
  • World map level select.
  • Can skip the cutscenes.
  • Each level has a difficult rating.
  • Motion control support which is optional.
  • Dash/jump and ground pound controls have two variants.
  • Online play notifications can be turned on and off.
  • Supports all controllers and even the singular Joycon.
  • You can go into the background and play.
  • All new animations for your character but also the enemies.
  • You can store an additional power-up and trigger it when you want.
  • Standees are what you can place in a level and they serve to help other players and can even revive players.
  • There are 144 standees to unlock.
  • At a stage complete you get an in-game screenshot with a date.
  • The action guide found in the menu is like a user manual.
  • You can save when you want.
  • Online and offline modes.
  • Badges can be found and earned, these grant new abilities and you usually get a training section after getting one so you can learn how to use it. You can only have one equipped at one time.
  • Poppy coins can be found in levels and they are used to buy items in the shops when you find them.
  • Coins are found everywhere and every 100 gives you an extra life.
  • The world map sometimes opens up and gives you feel freedom to choose your path.
  • Little bite-sized levels/missions give a unique challenge.
  • Puzzle events can be found.
  • Wonder seeds are earned in a level and usually for finishing a level and these open up new worlds and stages.
  • Entering the wonder seed portal in a level causes the level to change in many strange and unique ways.
  • New elephant suit that lets you push pipes around, use your trunk to clear enemies, and Store water to feed the plants and get rewards.
  • Familiar controls to returning players but also easily learned for new players.
  • Replaying levels can let you build up your lives.
  • Hitting the top of the pole gives an incredible rating and is one of the extra missions within a stage.
  • Has many nods and Easter eggs to other Mario games of the past.
  • Levels can have multiple endings in that finishing the game after getting a wonder seed is one then finishing the level without it is another.
  • Change your character whenever you want in the menu
  • Yoshis and Nabbit won’t take damage and they also won’t change with power-ups.
  • Musical levels where you play a tune as you play and interact with the world.
  • Some levels may require a particular badge so replaying a level later on is always a thing.
  • Have a spare power-up that you can drop whenever you need it.
  • New ability where you can trap enemies in bubbles and turn them into coins or use the bubbles as a platform.
  • They have ditched the timer for every level and instead, they have it in set instances and events.
  • Big boss battles.
  • Play how you want.
  • Very playable.
  • The online mode means you can see other players playing in real-time, they and you can give powerups and when you or they die you can hit each other to be revived/rescued.
  • You get the mod con moves like wall jumping and ground pounding.
  • You don’t lose lives in badge challenges.
  • The end of the level house has a cool animation as it changes to which ending you got.
  • Just as significant as a jump in the series as Mario World was.
  • Uses the Mario Bros 3 ships for mid-level bosses.
  • Includes items and locations from the newer more recent Mario titles.
  • Badges make the game more accessible and can be chosen before a level, they give replayability as they allow you to find secret areas or endings.
  • Levels can have multiple ways to be finished.
  • New game plus is not a thing its more you just carry on and mop up the missing items and take on the optional special world with more advanced levels and scenarios.

Super Mario Bros Wonder Review Cons:

  • You cannot access the settings until you are in the game.
  • The story is the same as always.
  • No touchscreen support.
  • Badges can be really good to enable more people to play the game but you have to unlock the first and that is time-consuming and frustrating.
  • Slow transitions between areas.
  • The map is not always clear.
  • They do expect you to know all about Mario and its controls and lineage.
  • No online Co-op, it’s just local.
  • If you don’t have any Switch Online then you don’t see any of the features and instead just get a connect to online point.

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Super Mario Bros Wonder:

Official website.

Developer: Nintendo

Publisher: Nintendo

Store Links –


  • 10/10
    Graphics - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Sound - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Accessibility - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Length - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Fun Factor - 10/10


Super Mario Bros Wonder is a visually stunning game with fully animated 3D backgrounds and all-new animations for both your character and the enemies. The game supports one to four local plays and offers 12 playable characters. It’s a 2D platformer that allows you to go into the background and play, offering a unique gaming experience. The game features a classic soundtrack, in-game cutscenes, and a world map-level select. Each level has a difficulty rating, and there are 144 standees to unlock. The game also includes an action guide found in the menu, which serves as a user manual. You can save when you want and choose between online and offline modes. Badges can be found and earned, granting new abilities, and poppy coins can be found in levels used to buy items in the shops. The game also introduces a new elephant suit that lets you push pipes around, use your trunk to clear enemies, and store water to feed the plants and get rewards. However, the game does have some downsides such as slow transitions between areas, unclear maps, and no online Co-op. Overall this game is just as important as Super Mario World was back in the 90s, it is a huge step forward and is a celebration of all things Mario whilst also advancing the series.

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