Tachyon Project released on PS4 Today

Tachyon Project is an action packed dual-stick shooter where we’ve taken concepts from the classic shoot’em up genre and adapted them. The player will find the gameplay versatility and speed traditional to dual-stick shooters but with the weapons and enemies diversity normally found in shoot’em ups, providing a more varied and interesting gameplay. But gameplay innovations are not limited to weapon and enemy design but you’ll also be able to play a new stealth game mode.

Tachyon Project you take control of Ada, a software program design to hack into the most secure servers in the world. After some rather misterious events, Ada is thrown out into the internet and she’ll have to fight to uncover the truth about her creators’ disappearance.

The narrative is presented through 10 unique levels, each made of 6 progressively challenging waves. Success is rewarded with new weapons and perks that are essential to aid you against increasingly difficult odds and tougher enemies.


  • Story driven, action packed dual-stick shooter
  • 6 different weapons, 9 secondary weapons and 7 perks provide hundreds of combinations for your ship
  • Over 30 different enemy types, including 4 bosses
  • Over 60 different waves in the 10 levels that comprise story mode
  • Innovative stealth gameplay levels and health system
  • Up to 4 players local multiplayer challenges to play with friends and compete on leaderboards
  • An interesting story told through hand-drawn cutscenes drives the gameplay
  • An intense original soundtrack by Tyson Prince, Kevin Murphy and Toni Ros

Tachyon Project is available on PlayStation 4 for $9.99/€9.99/£7.99.

You can check out our review here.

Jim Smale

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