Tales & Tactics Preview (Steam Early Access)

For this Tales & Tactics Preview, we play a roguelike Squad-based Autobattler in a Tabletop RPG setting. Draft your army, carefully equip and position your units, make important choices, and meet a colorful cast of characters as you make ready for the Grand Tournament.

Tales & Tactics Preview Pros:

  • Decent graphics.
  • 2.73GB download size.
  • Steam achievements.
  • Graphics settings – resolution, window mode, dynamic resolution, frame rate limitation, v-sync, graphics preset, texture quality, shadow quality, Visual effects quality, and anti-aliasing quality.
  • Can rebind controls.
  • Tutorial game. (optional)
  • Two game modes – New run and quick start.
  • Roguelike auto battler gameplay.
  • Every game is run-based.
  • After every combat round, you earn EXP, money, and star points.
  • Level up to get power enhancements, gold to buy equipment and star points are used to buy units and rerolling the store.
  • Merging is where every 3 of the same unit merge into one with a higher tier rank which means more health and deals more damage.
  • Handy glowing card border to indicate you already have at least one of that unit.
  • Combat is as said auto so you just place units then they fight it out.
  • Can change the combat speed at any time.
  • Traits are where you have a set amount of the same unit trait which triggers a bonus.
  • Clicking on the traits shows how many you have and need to activate the trait but also shows which units can be purchased.
  • You can have as many traits active as you have u it’s that fit the criteria.
  • Simple drag and drop control system.
  • You can buy units that go into your unit bar or drag and drop them straight into the field.
  • The game is played on a hexagonal game board.
  • At any time you control your units you can drag and sell unwanted units.
  • You can look at the stats of any unit on the board and even hover over them and see their area of attack.
  • Cutesy animations.
  • All unit health bars are shown but there is a team health bar up top to show each side’s progress.
  • Inventory stores consumables and any items/weapons that can be put into a unit.
  • Every unit can have up to 3 weapons/items on them at one time.
  • Items can be merged to become stronger.
  • Merge recipes use a menu that shows what items you need to merge a set, they show icons of items and fill in with any current items you have.
  • Three archetypes – Vanguards, Magicians, and Skirmishers.
  • Cool animation of the item merging where dropping the final item will cause a pop-up to show what it will merge into.
  • Easy to get into if you have any or no knowledge of the genre.
  • Star points carry over from fight to fight.
  • Your heart (life bar) goes down by 2 in a fight but doubles in a boss room.
  • You heal one life after each victory.
  • Cursed means you pay for random units with your life points.
  • Win or lose you get mastery for future runs.
  • Fast loading times.
  • Before a run, you can set any modifiers, start of run buffs, and challenges.
  • Four difficulty choices – personal, barebones, recommended, and custom.
  • 12 characters total with one unlocked initially.
  • The basic narration at times.
  • The training yard is an optional set of fights to warm up against weaker opponents.
  • The map of your journey is shown at all times on the game board.
  • Shops allow you to make one purchase at a time.
  • If combat goes on too long an overtime countdown starts.
  • Level up to choose one of three unlocks.
  • Multiple route choices.
  • Mastery is spent at the end of a run and you use it on the unlock tree, this can be buffs, mechanics, new ways to play, and characters.
  • Very addictive.
  • As a single-player roguelike, it means combat is a one-time event, I say this as in the online mp versions it’s a series of combat encounters.
  • Highlight a trait to show all owned units that match the trait.
  • On either side of the battlefield sits all defeated units.
  • Multiple choice encounters.
  • When choosing a direction you can see possible rewards and opponents beforehand.
  • Resting at a campfire lets you increase your army size.
  • Big boss encounters.
  • So satisfying to play.
  • Slow-motion final kill.
  • Status effects and damage numbers can bang up on the screen.
  • As you progress you can have the current run unlock higher tier or rarer units to show up in the star points shop.
  • The estate manor has you playing a luck-based mini-game where you throw a D20 and get a good or bad modifier the you choose to play on or quit and run.
  • Take part in mini-games like betting on a centaur race.

Tales & Tactics Preview Cons:

  • No native controller support.
  • A lot to take in at first with a lot of text and pop-ups.
  • The menu isn’t always clear.
  • Takes a while to get acquainted with all the traits and build a team.
  • Doesn’t have a lot of help with team building.
  • No online play, just an FYI.
  • The Characters you play feel a bit lifeless and don’t fit in in some way.
  • No practice is so you can learn not only traits but also unit placement and strengths and weaknesses.
  • Can feel luck based at times.
  • Using potions is not always clear u til you get told to do it.
  • Cannot save and quit mid-run.
  • Dropping items on units have such a small hitbox that it can get frustrating.

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Tales & Tactics:

Official website.

Developer: Table 9 Studio

Publisher: Yogscast Games

Store Links –

Steam Early Access

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