Tokoyo The Tower Of Perpetuity Review (Nintendo Switch OLED)

Tokoyo The Tower Of Perpetuity Review

You find yourself trapped in a mysterious tower – one that transforms its very structure every 24 hours, where you must surpass countless poor fallen souls and make your way to the heretofore unseen top!

Tokoyo The Tower Of Perpetuity Review Pros:

  • Pixel art graphics.
  • 442MB Download size.
  • Opening tutorial level.
  • Online leaderboards.
  • 2D action platformer gameplay.
  • Main hub to access the mods, leaderboards, chat with NPC, and change characters.
  • The really good soundtrack in places.
  • Every run you pick one of three random items could be a buff, ability or weapon.
  • Can rebind controls.
  • Your goal is to ascend the tower.
  • Gimmick-the tower changes every 24 hours. This means every player will be playing the same tower formation every time.
  • Pray to a black or white demon which will change the formation of the tower.
  • Coins-collect for a score.
  • Can see other player tombstones with a brief description of what happened.
  • Handy exclamation marker to tell you if enemies are below you.
  • Upon death, you choose from a selection of phrases to leave on your tombstone.
  • Get rewards every level you progress.
  • Has a retro feel to it.
  • Attacks-each character has a unique attack and can only be used when your bar is full and only lasts a short time, it regens itself overtime.
  • Collect items on the way to change cooldowns, abilities, and the like.
  • Your run is automatically uploaded to the leaderboard.
  • A list of all found items/buffs are displayed on the screen.
  • The score counter and current floor are shown.
  • After finishing a floor you get a pop-up of information like coins collected and enemies killed.
  • Can get quite addictive.
  • Big boss fights.
  • Safety floors that give you 3 options for health and mp top-ups or buffs. You cannot be attacked on safe floors.
  • Pay credits in the hub to simulate and practice old encounters.
  • Low light floors.

Tokoyo The Tower Of Perpetuity Review

Tokoyo The Tower Of Perpetuity Review Cons:

  • No touchscreen support.
  • Japanese text in places.
  • The music and sound effects can be triggering with a lot of beeps and bops some gamers may not like.
  • Can’t change any settings when in-game/on a run.
  • Hard to look around a level or drop down onto platforms.
  • A lot of figuring it out yourself.
  • Very slow starter.
  • Can be hard to know what can and cannot kill you.
  • Constant difficulty spikes.
  • Never sure what you are picking up.
  • Very reflex heavy.
  • Little rest or ability to regain hearts.

Tokoyo The Tower Of Perpetuity Review


Tokoyo The Tower of Perpetuity is a game that mixes up the 2D action platformer genre. For the tower you are ascending is played by all players but, and here’s the kicker, the tower changes every 24 hours! It’s an idea so crazy that it might just work. It introduces you to the game with a brief tutorial and that’s pretty much it, OK a few little tidbits may pop up as you play but it is rare. The gameplay is absolutely fine, you have an attack that can only be used when you have the mana, it’s timed and indeed regens over time, this style of combat means you really need to think about encounters and when to run or when to fight. Boss battles happen on floors and these are brutal just because it takes so long to get back to them to try out new methods, in fact, it’s the whole start again mixed in with the constant difficulty spikes that keep holding the game up. I love how the items you pick up will show on screen, it’s very Risk Of Rain and I love it. Would be cool if I knew what I was picking up half the time but you know. The game despite its brutal difficulty and bugs is still such a fun game to play, it has a proper Japanese arcade feel to it from the graphics to the pixel art Anime pop-ups and the way attacks work. I really like what has been added since the Steam Early Access version, it feels a more fleshed out experience and more hooks and rewards for the player. Overall it’s a perfect fit for the Switch but be warned it’s tough on you and you will have to constantly learn what the game wants and what the game gives you. Basically put the time in and the game will reward you.

Jim Smale

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