Vaesen RPG Mythic Britain & Ireland Review (Tabletop)

For our Vaesen RPG Mythic Britain & Ireland Review, we Leave the Mythic North and set sail for the mist-shrouded isles of Mythic Britain and Ireland. Explore the fog-shrouded streets of London, and discover the secrets of Rose House and the British Society. Roam the islands and walk the moors in search of long-lost tales and ancient remnants.

Vaesen RPG Mythic Britain & Ireland Review

Vaesen RPG Mythic Britain & Ireland Review Pros:

  • PDF download size is 27.33MB.
  • Set within the United Kingdom including Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.
  • Takes place under the rule of Queen Victoria.
  • Beautiful hand-drawn art.
  • The font used is easy to read.
  • Map of the United Kingdom with detailed names etc.
  • Takes a brief view of the history but is open enough that you can change the narrative to your liking.
  • You get a brief overview of each country’s history.
  • The currency is sterling so pounds, shillings, and pence.
  • The game does have a full breakdown of how the money works and what it all means.
  • Descriptions of the main towns like London are given with a view of who would be there.
  • A new addition that is also optional is classes – nobility, middle class, and the middle class. Playing with these adds modifiers.
  • Adds descriptions and the ability to have human monsters such as Jack the Ripper, Sweeney Todd, etc.
  • The important list of towns and cities used in the game – London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester, Dublin, Cardiff, and Belfast. Along with this you also get a unique spot for each location.
  • Detailed top-down map of London with a massive list of places like Parliament complete with descriptions and history.
  • NPC charts.
  • Celebrities of the time are in the game with people like Sherlock Holmes, Charles Dickens, etc.
  • Monsterous places like Wookey Hole have history and location listed.
  • Three new character archetypes that are able to be used in the core game – Athlete, Entertainer, and socialite.
  • The book is laid out in the same way as the core rulebook.
  • The rules will tell you where the companion info is in the main core rulebook.
  • New supernatural beings for each region.
  • Three scenarios to play through.
  • I love the flow of the writing as it breaks up the story with tidbits and story hook ideas.
  • Close-up maps of locations.
  • The tables are easy to read and use.
  • The book can be used by the word or you can use it as a guide and go off on one.
  • Very easy to pick up and use if you have a bit of the core game experience.

Vaesen RPG Mythic Britain & Ireland Review

Vaesen RPG Mythic Britain & Ireland Review Cons:

  • For gamers who live in these countries, you can take it a lot further and only use the rulebook for the scenarios.
  • Being digital, you need to print off or share images to really get the most out of it.
  • Some of the history/stories are criminally short.
  • A lot to read before playing a new scenario.
  • If you have played a lot of the base game, this book does go over and repeat itself.
  • Some of the handwritten segments are hard to read.
  • You need the core rulebook alongside this book.

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Vaesen RPG Mythic Britain & Ireland Review

Vaesen RPG Mythic Britain & Ireland:

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