Venom Gaming Essentials Kit For Nintendo Switch Lite Review

Venom has released a new range of accessories for Nintendo Switch Lite owners, as many of us have upgraded our chunkier older Switches or the mass influx of new owners thanks to Animal Crossing, Venom have our consoles safety covered. So here is our Venom Gaming Essentials Kit For Nintendo Switch Lite Review.


Venom Gaming Essentials Kit contents:

  • Secure-zip case with pocket.
  • Tempered glass screen protector.
  • Stereo earbuds.
  • Thumb grips.
  • Wet and dry screen wipes.
  • Screen cloth wipe.
  • Venom sticker.

Venom Gaming Essentials Kit carry case:

The case is made of a durable EVA construction and with that, you know the case can protect your console, it of course bends a bit when under pressure but for general use, it’s absolutely fine. It has a Venom branded zip and a game storage pocket. The pocket has an elastic netting to keep everything in check and offers slight resistance for the chunkier accessory storage. The bottom half of the case has two elastic straps to keep your console in one place and can handle being turned upside down and spun around. Overall the case is fine but the covering on the outside is one of which that shows up marks with grease and sweat being the big enemies. I had what I thought was clean hands on the case only to find I marked it somehow (probably grease) and it would not come off and made the case look grubby and tired, luckily I took pictures beforehand but it’s just that type of material.

Venom Gaming Essentials Kit screen protector:

You get a wet and dry wipe set to ensure you clean your console screen fully and properly. The screen protector has handy tabs on the side to make it easier to apply and remove the protective film. It’s a solid piece of tempered material so you won’t get any bubbles when applying! It’s a must-have for any Switch owner as you can never be too careful with your screen and this is much cheaper than buying a new screen. An extra handy little addition is a screen cloth.

Venom Gaming Essentials Kit For Nintendo Switch Lite Review

Venom Gaming Essentials Kit stereo earbuds:

I personally am not a fan of earbuds, my ears hate anything going in them and prefer over-ear but hey that’s my problem. The headphones mean you are able to play in quite situations. Being stereo means they give decent sound at low to mid-volume levels but I found them a bit tinny on higher volumes. You don’t get any additional earbud inserts so you have to just hope they fit your ear straight out of the box.

Venom Gaming Essentials Kit thumb grips:

I never knew I needed thumb grips until I put them on, these thumb grips do add extra grip with their circular grip design. They are still a right pain in the ass to fit and even more so over other controllers as you have a smaller window of application due to the sticks being closer to the console. Once fitted they won’t be coming off unless you force it and like I say they work well and don’t look crap.

Venom Gaming Essentials Kit For Nintendo Switch Lite Review

Venom Gaming Essentials Kit sticker:

It’s a sticker of the Venom logo with an additional sticker saying Venom with a small red Venom logo used instead of the letter o. It’s white on a transparent background.

Venom Gaming Essentials Kit Review breakdown:


  • A decent screen protector that won’t result in bubbles on the screen!
  • A sticker cos everyone loves a sticker.
  • Solid EVA carry case complete with straps to hold the console in place.
  • Extra storage pocket in the carry case for games and accessories.
  • Stereo earbuds with a lengthy cable.
  • Thumb grips that add gip and look alright.
  • Wipes to clean and dry your screen.


  • Stereo earbuds only have one size and no additional inserts for different ear shapes and sizes.
  • Applying the thumb grips is painful and stressful unless you are a hand ninja.
  • Pocket has little restraint if you store just games meaning they bang around in transport.
  • No soft layer between the console and the pocket.
  • The case outing is susceptible to markings and sweat/grease marks.



The Venom Gaming Essentials Kit is one of those purchases that you feel you don’t need but if you do you wonder why you didn’t get it before. You never want the pain of a scratched screen and this kit will help prevent that, protect the whole console with carry case and it allows you to store things in the pocket but again the netting is not that restrictive so expect the pocket contents to fly around, add in the lack of protection between the console and the pocket, you really need to be careful what’s in there. The earbuds are a nice addition but as I said earlier they didn’t fit my ear properly and it comes with no other inserts. Applying the screen protector was easy and straightforward especially with the wet and dry wipes. My issues are really just with the case covering, it is just so easy to mark or scuff and it may well protect your console but it comes at the visual cost and makes the case look scruffy. Overall it is a set you didn’t know you want but you need it to preserve your Nintendo Switch Lite life. It’s a complete package with little shortcomings.

Jim Smale

Gaming since the Atari 2600, I enjoy the weirdness in games counting Densha De Go and RC De Go as my favourite titles of all time. I prefer gaming of old where buying games from a shop was a thing, Being social in person was a thing. Join me as I attempt to adapt to this new digital age!

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