Venom Pro Gamer Case For Nintendo Switch Lite Review

Venom Pro Gamer Case For Nintendo Switch Lite Review

Do you consider yourself a pro gamer? Venom has released a new accessory just for you and it boasts a lot of features pro gamers will need! (and people like me with big hands or issues holding a Nintendo Switch Lite for large periods of time). Join us as we uncover what’s in store with our Venom Pro Gamer Case For Nintendo Switch Lite Review.


Venom Pro Gamer Case contents:

  • Pro Gamer Case.
  • Wet and dry wipes.
  • Screen cloth wipe.
  • Tempered glass screen protector.

Venom Pro Gamer Case:

The case is excellent, I am extremely impressed with how it fits. I have had a couple of cases and they always had an issue of covering buttons or ports. The Venom Pro Gamer Case is rubber around the outside and solid on the back but it has no coverings at all for the shoulder buttons and it is such a game-changer! My old case would auto press the shoulder buttons and make gaming hard but not here. The Pro Gamer Case has cutouts for all the parts you would want like memory card, vents, headphone socket, etc, it has a bit of extra room with the cutouts so it’s not a tight fit or anything. The actual case clips onto the console and is a doddle to fit and remove. The cutout plus thickness of the case means you won’t accidentally press the power or volume buttons so another plus. The back of the case as said is solid and adds controller grips below the shoulder buttons making it feel more like a controller in your hand. In between the two grips is a case unit that can hold four games and lock into place. It’s a cool idea but the lock on the game case is one of those that requires a bit of force and you constantly think you are going to break it. If it breaks its not game over but it does mean you could lose your games.

Venom Pro Gamer Case tempered glass protector:

As is the norm now, the glass protector is a must-own but is also really easy to fit. You get a wet and dry wipe set to make sure your screen is clear and as the protector is tempered glass it means it won’t create bubbles on the screen! For later maintenance and upkeep, you get a cloth wipe.

Venom Pro Gamer Case Review breakdown:


  • The case is easy to fit and remove.
  • Glass protector is easy to fit and comes with wipes.
  • Adds controller style grips to the console.
  • Can hold four-game cartridges with you.
  • The casing doesn’t impact the front of the console or cover the shoulder buttons.
  • Stops accidental presses of the power and volume buttons.


  • The clasps on the game holder are not ideal and take a bit of force to open.
  • The console grips are solid not rubber or even textured.
  • Didn’t get a Venom sticker with it!


The Venom Pro Gamer Case For Nintendo Switch Lite makes it sound like it is only for games but that’s, not the case (intended). For me, a big handed old man allowed me to comfortably hold the console for longer than usual. Anyway the case, it’s easy to fit and snaps on and off with ease thanks to the rubber-like casing, the only solid plastic parts of the case are the back parts. Those back parts being the four-game holder and controller grips which raises the back so it sits more naturally in your hands. Having a screen protector with it means the Nintendo Switch Lite is covered on all fronts! Now after using this case for a while, I found it was indeed comfortable, I loved how little real estate the case actually took on the front of the console and how it didn’t impact the shoulder buttons. The controller grip idea worked but it would be better if the grips themselves were tex turned or rubber-like but it’s still fine. The game case holder part is a neat idea but the clasping still feels me with dread, I worry every time I have to open it, it needs a bot of force and that force could easily break the clasp and then what, Sure the game clips will hold the game but any funny angle hit could dislodge the game, that plus the case lid slightly covers the back speakers/vents and its just annoying especially after how much care went I to the other cutouts. Overall its a real y good case and despite being called a Pro Gamer Case it is for everyone.

Jim Smale

Gaming since the Atari 2600, I enjoy the weirdness in games counting Densha De Go and RC De Go as my favourite titles of all time. I prefer gaming of old where buying games from a shop was a thing, Being social in person was a thing. Join me as I attempt to adapt to this new digital age!

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