Venom Xbox One Travel Kit Review

Microsoft has recently announced that their streaming serviceĀ  Xcloud that is available on mobiles and home computers is coming to Game Pass subscribers later this year, with this in mind, Venom UK has released a new travel kit for Xbox One containing the soon to be needed controller holder for your mobile phone to make stream gaming easier. Sit back and relax as Jim brings you our Venom Xbox One Travel Kit Review.

Venom Xbox One Travel Kit Contents:

  • Travel case to house your controller and accessories.
  • Rechargeable battery pack.
  • 2-meter charge cable.
  • Thumb grips for your controller.
  • Fully adjustable mobile phone mount.
  • Venom sticker.

Venom Xbox One mobile phone mount:

Mobile Phones tested with the phone mount are-

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.
  • Apple iPhone 8 Plus.
  • Apple iPhone 5S.

Each mobile phone fitted no problem at all as the bit that clips to the phone are a sliding clip. I even managed to get the mount to work on a mobile phone using those Pop sockets (slid the clip between them). Overall it holds the phone securely and it doesn’t feel like it would fall out. It has two nobs that you can tighten to have the phone at a set angle and again this feels safe and secure, not so much when you let it freely swing around but I mean come on who does that? (once, I did it once!). The first time you connect the mount to the Controller is tricky as the mount is solid plastic so you have little wiggle room. It has a knack to it (go from top to bottom) and once on it fits snug, doesn’t move and even has a cool cut out on the top of it so the Xbox button isn’t covered and this extends to the grooves cut out for the headset plug and a hole is available on the back so you can charge.

Venom Xbox One charge cable:

Two meters in length, not much can be said really except its a cable and it is Micro USB and can be used to charge the supplied battery pack, or if you prefer you can plug it straight into the controller and use it as a wired pad.

Venom Xbox One thumb grips:

Everyone could do with a better grip on their stick and with these, you get a marginal improvement. They are a right pain to fit as you need to try and slide them on and if it is off in any way they will pop off! Once fitted it’s all good, the reason I say it’s a marginal improvement is that the design on them is just the venom logo and doesn’t add any real grip. They are rubber so it has some friction stopping action! Of course, they can be used to simply prolong the life of your sticks. Overall it is not the best and more a safeguard than a must-have.

Venom Xbox One sticker:

It’s a sticker of the Venom logo, it’s actually two stickers, one of the logo and the second one says Venom. The logo and writing are white with one red logo used for the o in Venom and they have a clear background. Yeah, so umm stickers.

Venom Xbox One Battery:

Everybody loves another battery! The battery is just like you thought it would be and has a handy LED to let you know when it is charging and when it is fully charged.

Venom Xbox One Travel case:

Now we get to the meat of it all, the travel case itself. The case is made of a solid material that can bend under pressure but upon immediate touch is pretty solid. It is in the shape of an oversized Xbox One controller and indeed allows you to store your Xbox One controller! Aside from that, it has a pocket at the top that can fit whatever you think will fit! I mean it’s a big size and has an elasticated net to hold the contents in. It will of course fit everything the Venom Xbox One Travel Kit has to offer and then some. My issue with the pocket is it’s wide-open, nothing will hold the stuff in place so for example, put the mount in it’s fine, little movement but fine, but put a spare battery in there and it’s going to be flying all over the place building up air miles like its nothing. It’s the one problem I have with it, if the elasticated net was stuck to the back so it restrained items it would be a lot better but as it is I need to stuff it to keep items safe.

Venom Xbox One Travel Kit Review breakdown:


  • Solid sturdy travel case with a lot of excess storage.
  • Two-meter cable means it’s longer than most manufacturer’s cables that come with batteries.
  • Thumb grips-everyone needs more grips.
  • Stickers-l likes stickers.
  • Phone mount-fits a wide variety of phones, can fold down over the controller and not take up a lot of space and has an adjustable holder that can be locked into place.
  • Battery-I mean we all need more power right!?


  • Thumb grips have no real grip value.
  • The cable is still short for most situations if you need to charge and play.
  • Travel case pocket has no restraints and it’s left to you to fill it safely.
  • The mobile phone mount covers the battery port so you can’t charge and play simultaneously.

Unboxing video:


The Venom Xbox One Travel Kit is a purchase you will be more likely to make what with Xbox cloud streaming coming out shortly. For that purpose this is a must-own piece of kit, The mobile phone mount will fit most phones and is well designed in that it can fit the controller and phone securely but also folds down over the controller for easy storage and a lockable hinge for getting the perfect gaming angle. The travel case again is a solid unit and does allow a lot of extras to be put in the case along with your controller, it just doesn’t hold the items and instead will fly around unless you stuff it with something like..socks? (gamers wear socks right?). I use it for when traveling on public transport or if the controller goes I a suitcase I know I can feel safe that the case will keep the contents safe. For all the other additions it’s just nice to have and I see them more as a bo us than a reason to buy the whole travel set. Thumb grips are the ones that are used in a pinch as they don’t add much grip to your stick. Overall I found this to be a worthy purchase for the solid easy to fit mobile phone mount and sturdy yet roomy travel case. The Venom Xbox One Travel Kit makes playing Xbox cloud games that much easier!

Jim Smale

Gaming since the Atari 2600, I enjoy the weirdness in games counting Densha De Go and RC De Go as my favourite titles of all time. I prefer gaming of old where buying games from a shop was a thing, Being social in person was a thing. Join me as I attempt to adapt to this new digital age!