Yet Another Zombie Survivors Preview (Steam Early Access)

For this Yet Another Zombie Survivors Preview, The Horde is coming but you’re ready to fight it! Assemble your team and decide upon their enhancements to find the most efficient synergies against thousands of the undead. Survive. Then evolve. Then break all the limits in this deceivingly simple but addictive reverse bullet hell.

Yet Another Zombie Survivors Preview Pros:

  • Decent graphics.
  • 2.38GB download size.
  • Steam achievements.
  • Own in-game achievements.
  • Full controller support.
  • Graphics settings – resolution, brightness, display mode, v-sync, FSR upscaling, lighting, and bloom.
  • Blood and gore can be turned on and off.
  • Mouse settings – mouse movement, manual aim, and auto fire.
  • Six team leaders to play with 3 unlocked initially and then 3 to unlock (criteria is shown).
  • Five locations but you start with one (Isolated City) unlocked and the second one is called Vile Wasteland, all the rest are question marks.
  • Plays like Vampire Survivors in that you auto-shoot and pick up EXP orbs from enemies.
  • Level up and pick one of three upgrades.
  • Caches can appear with items and you choose one of three.
  • The control is just use the left stick to move, all attacks are auto.
  • Very easy to get into.
  • SOS alerts will pop and you can rescue another character with two additional characters at the max.
  • Hitting SOS points after having a full team will give 3 random upgrades or abilities.
  • So satisfying with its constant pop-ups, bombs going off, helicopters flying in and so much more.
  • You can upgrade weapons and you see what happens to them before picking them.
  • Power-ups can drop randomly like stone skin, speed boost, magnets, etc.
  • Training is a massive skill tree you put training points into.
  • Very addictive.
  • Impressive amount of zombies on screen.
  • Three ways to play in a location – default, endless, and hardcore.
  • Full stats screen.
  • You start at night but the time of day and night can change.
  • Bigger stronger enemies appear.
  • Clear arrows showing the way to SOS and caches.
  • Pick up extra weapons like turrets, new weapons, grenades, etc.
  • Just one more go.
  • Easy to see the upgrade level of an item/ability.
  • Gets absolutely mental as Wave after Wave the difficulty and numbers increase.
  • Leaders/Survivors can be upgraded to get new starting weapons.
  • Cool locations.
  • Overall team level.
  • Fast loading times.

Yet Another Zombie Survivors Preview Cons:

  • No tutorials.
  • Slow starter on every new run.
  • Hard to judge when you are getting hit or judging dodges.
  • Slowdown in places.
  • A lot of grinding getting new characters and locations.
  • Takes ages to upgrade your characters.
  • The first area is repetitive purely because you play it so much and the enemies are always the same.
  • Got stuck next to terrain a few times.
  • No customisation options for your characters.

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Yet Another Zombie Survivors:

Official website.

Developer: Awesome Game Studios

Publisher: Awesome Games Studio

Store Links – 

Steam Early Access


The game features decent graphics, full controller support, and a variety of gameplay options with six team leaders and five locations. It includes a leveling-up system, a skill tree for training, and SOS alerts for character rescue and upgrades. Power-ups and weapon upgrades add to the excitement. However, the game can be slow to start on new runs, and there can be difficulty in judging when you’re getting hit or dodging. There are occasional slowdowns, and a lot of grinding is required for new characters and locations. The first area can be repetitive, and there are no customization options for your characters.

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