Warhammer 40000: Rogue Trader Preview (Steam Beta)

For this Warhammer 40000: Rogue Trader Preview, we play a game that is Set in the Koronus Expanse, a little-charted and perilous region of space, this backwater sector is rife with opportunities for explorers and adventurers alike. As a Rogue Trader, you will traverse incredible distances in your giant voidship as you chart this cluster of planets.

Warhammer 40000: Rogue Trader Preview Pros:

  • Decent graphics.
  • 33.41GB download size.
  • Graphics settings – display, display mode, resolution, lock mouse inside the window, camera shake effect, graphics preset, v-sync, frame rate, fsr mode, volumetric lighting and shadow quality, SSR, bloom, depth of field, footprints, anti-aliasing, hbao, film grain, and crowd quality.
  • Accessibility options – Colourblind sliders, and font size slider.
  • Safe zone setting.
  • Display settings – gamma correction, brightness, and contrast sliders.
  • Input settings – can rebind controls, enable the camera to follow characters, screen edge scrolling, enable scrolling beyond the game window, the speed of rotation of the camera with the mouse/keyboard, keyboard scrolling speed.
  • Gameplay settings – Auto-save and set how many quick and auto-save slots to use, tooltip delay, tutorials, autopause and what it can do, auto end turn, and increase enemy and player animation speeds slider.
  • CRPG gameplay.
  • Two difficulties – normal and core.
  • Three pre-generated characters to choose from or you can create a character.
  • Extensive character creator – appearance (portrait/appearance/hair/tattoo/implants/voice), homeworld which affects stats (Death world/Void born/Hive world/Forge World sub skin implants/Forge world analytics implants/forge world locomotion implants/imperial world feudal/imperial world military traditions), Origin (Astral Militarum commander/commissar/Vagabond/ministorum priest/navy officer/noble/sanctioned psyker biomancer/sanctioned psyker diviner), triumph, Darkest hour, doctrines (fighter/leader/adept/marksman/assassin/vanguard/hunter), stats, and ship name.
  • Beautiful art and portraits.
  • Powerful soundtrack,
  • Hover over text that helps explain menu options.
  • Choice-driven interactions affect relationships and the story.
  • A 3D world with full camera control.
  • Interactive elements from doors to switches to loot chests.
  • You are moving around the world by clicking the left mouse button.
  • Fantastic world to explore.
  • Animated tutorial pop-ups.
  • Turn-based combat.
  • In combat you have mp and ap, mp is movement points and ap is action points as to what you can and cannot use.
  • The journal houses all the quests, rumors, and orders.
  • Passive skill check system so in the background your characters skill/knowledge/abilities can affect what you can do in situations.
  • Play how you want from the combat to conversation choices.
  • Excellent animations and dismemberment.
  • The cover is a must in the game. You can get partial and full cover from the environment or use a shield.
  • Damage numbers pop on the screen.
  • The menu/inventory system can be done by double-clicking an item or the traditional drag and drop.
  • When moving you see a silhouette of yourself before committing to the action.
  • Get temporary buffs from party members like positive effects which can raise your abilities for a short time.
  • Actual skill checks show in dialogue.
  • Party members can be moved around independently.
  • A really good story that grabs you straight away.
  • Zero rounds – this is where you cannot shoot but you can move so you can get in a good position.
  • Gained exp shows up on the screen.
  • Gamers of the genre will find the controls and basic flow very familiar.
  • Hit chance and damage done show above a character before you perform the action.
  • Companions (party members) earn exp and levels at the same rate as you even if they are not in the active party.
  • Level-ups can be done manually or automatically.
  • Inspect killed enemies to loot them.
  • Handy comparison tables pop when hovering over items and gear.
  • When there is a load of enemy bodies close together you loot them all at once.
  • Voidmap unlocks new locations as you progress but you can go back and forth as you like.
  • When you level up you pick a skill from the current doctrines skill tree and a state to upgrade.
  • Psykers can analyze enemies so you can learn about weaknesses etc.
  • Handy grid system for movement and ability casting.
  • Everyone will have a different experience.

Warhammer 40000: Rogue Trader Preview Cons:

  • It’s a beta but has no Steam achievements.
  • Doesn’t support controllers.
  • Not all the character creator fields are available like Triumph and Darkest Hour and ships.
  • The performance is all over the place no matter what graphic settings get tweaked.
  • Voice work is good but not used a whole lot.
  • Your character uses his voice way too much with repetitive one-liners.
  • A lack of a mini-map makes traveling around not as fun as it could be.
  • The loading times are up and down but it loves hanging on 100 percent.
  • The general moving around is not as smooth as it could be and a lot of it is to do with how the camera follows you.
  • Parts of the walls don’t break down or go see-through when you are panning around or moving.
  • A few times I found myself stumped on very basic tasks because everything is laid out in a way that says you already know what to do… When you actually do not.
  • Parts of the skill trees were locked out.
  • Lower graphic settings make a lot of things fuzzy.

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Warhammer 40000: Rogue Trader:

Official website.

Developer: Owlcat Games

Publisher: Owlcat Games

Store Links –


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